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May 20, 1990


  • Well, since someone went through the trouble of reviving this topic, I went ahead and fixed the images (had to get a new host because the old one went belly-up, apparently). I also tweaked Stance Shift a bit.
  • Helsa wrote: » A lot of cooking should begin with a Mirepoix: Mixing, 50% Onion, 25% celery 25% Carrots. From that you can make different stocks, say Chicken stock: Boiling, Water 50%, Chicken 15%, Mirepoix 35%. Stock can go into making soups or…
  • Helsa wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » You can make whisky with any grain. Pish tosh: barley, rye, or corn that's it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheat_whiskey https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckwheat_whisky And I think there are even …
  • http://forums.mabinogi.nexon.net/discussion/2122/white-wines-and-other-ideas-for-wine-making I hope you don't mind me dropping this here.
  • Well, several alchemy skills are already like that (ex. Fire/Wind = Shock, Wind/Water = Frozen Blast, Earth/Wind/Water = Rain Casting, Earth/Fire/Wind/Water = Life Drain & Summon Golem), but it certainly wouldn't hurt to introduce a few more com…
  • For thief related stuff, what about utility-type abilities, like lock picking or bribery.
  • Let humans 2H-wield Great Swords.
  • Danievictria wrote: » A Spell-Blade talent similar to the one in Bravely Default (or a single race-exclusive skill that emulates it) would be great. For the record, this concept technically originated with the Mystic Knight job, which goes back…
  • Sherri wrote: » Also, with that one gacha with those spears, there should be a spear class.. or maybe even a rapier class (Looking at you, Maike). http://forums.mabinogi.nexon.net/discussion/17236/spears-and-polearms http://forums.mabinogi.nex…
  • Maybe have a stat-based lifting of certain racial restrictions (ex. Elves with enough STR/DEX can dual wield small swords, humans with enough STR/Will can 2H-wield greatswords).
  • You mean having two stats increase from level-ups instead of just one? Because I'd be okay with that if CC's 2nd stat was either Health or Will.
  • Danievictria wrote: » I'd only be onboard with this if the game stayed colorful and anime-style. None of that gritty, nasty, gray/brown wannabe realistic crap. A game that looks like it needs a bath is only aesthetically appropriate for horror gam…
  • Or let us use landmarks for navigation (via sketching).
  • Alternatively, make the effect of the book not go away after use. (Seriously, what's the point of that? How exactly is a person unable to learn something from a book just because someone else read it first? That makes no sense.)
  • Well, they are lost in a desert. They're probably a bit loopy from dehydration.
  • Danievictria wrote: » I agree with doing something about CP-based training requirements. They make certain skills a bit annoying to train...particularly Windmill. Why? Because not only is it heavily CP-dependent, but it also requires you to hit/ki…
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Gaea wrote: » I would say bring it back at least once a year. Make areas in Iria that can be found using exploration skills that allows one to make natural dyes for a short while time. Or even just make Dye Making a…
  • Another idea (unrelated to my first post but still relevant to the topic): Mana Crystallization + 1 Earth Crystal + 5 Healing charges = Party Healing Crystal
  • No, that wasn't a joke. It was an honest, curiosity driven "throw it out there and see if it swims, sinks, or gets torn to pieces by sharks" idea. nomigid15 is pretty great with jokes This isn't what people think all of my ideas are, right? …
  • What about just axing Alexina and redistributing its population into the other three servers?