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  • I believe you can @ them and get a notification, been a while since I messed around with that ... so lets see if this works @Unisloots Better yet, perhaps i'll ask around since I'm fairly sure I have done that incorrectly xD
    in few freebs Comment by Nevine July 28
  • Welcome back and I remember your past shops, loved the winking cheebs I look forward to stalking keeping an eye out for your shop ;D I'll just leave this here as well http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=aA1TvidBoMjnLLPIG/HX/Yh4l5k2TGxc
    in few freebs Comment by Nevine July 27
  • I'll toss this here http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=aA1TvidBoMjnLLPIG/HX/Yh4l5k2TGxc As for personality it depends on the outfit, I make them for the mood i'm feeling at that time .... could be anything from adventurous, mischievous or vil…
    in free freebs Comment by Nevine July 15
  • I'll toss my character into the mix as well :'D http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=aA1TvidBoMjnLLPIG/HX/Yh4l5k2TGxc
    in ERrr... Freeb Comment by Nevine July 11
  • I would love to grab a spot if there is one still available :'D IGN: Nevine+Mari Server: Nao Type: One Character Reference: I like to let the artist choose the outfit so feel free to choose from the options linked below, the only request I hav…
  • I'll toss a link here as well and see if anything catches your eye. ^^ I like letting the artist choose the outfit and as for personality it kinda changes from outfit to outfit as I usually have a theme in mind when putting it together, though as…
    in Freebielicious Comment by Nevine June 12
  • I may be a bit late but i'll post this here just in case ^^ http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=aA1TvidBoMjnLLPIG/HX/Yh4l5k2TGxc
  • I just saw the second number choice, so i'll go with 16 ^^
  • I'll take a guess here and I hope you feel better soon ^^ Number: 12 References: http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=aA1TvidBoMjnLLPIG/HX/Yh4l5k2TGxc
  • Finally got a chance to place an order -Order type: Full Body -Price: 40 NX -Details: Sent link for references on discord I've added you on discord so if you have any questions that would be the quickest way to get a hold of me.
  • IGN: Nevine Server: Mari #MabiHideandSeek
  • This was a wonderful surprise to find out today, I still can't believe I got 100% coupon :'D Now i'm excited to see which outfit you choose
  • I missed the Christmas event so i'm looking forward to this one ⍟IGN/Server: Mari ⍟Style: Manga - Full Body ⍟Reference: Please feel free to choose an outfit you'd like to draw ^^ http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=aA1TvidBoMjnLLPIG/HX/Yh4l5k…
  • I know it's not a perfect match but I think it turned out well ^^ IGN: Nevine Server: Mari Anime: Rosario + Vampire Character: Kurumu
  • IGN: Nevine (Nevine#1676 - Discord) Server: Mari Style: Full Body Payment: Gold Reference: I like to let the artist choose which outfit but if you prefer if I do just let me know ^^ http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=aA1TvidBoMjnLLPIG/HX/Yh4l5…
  • I'll toss my references in as well and see if anything catches your eye ^^ http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=aA1TvidBoMjnLLPIG/HX/Yh4l5k2TGxc
  • Well I have a folder of references I usually post and let artists choose from there .... though I don't have any pose references since I like to see how ppl interpret the outfit and character in their own style. Maybe something will catch your eye …
  • Posted in the wrong thread xD
  • Really happy it came out as an outfit bag and gave me an excuse to wear this tail again
  • ✒ Order Form: ♦ IGN [Server]: Nevine/Mari ♦ Contact: Discord ♦ References: http://tinypic.com/useralbum.php?ua=aA1TvidBoMjnLLPIG/HX/Yh4l5k2TGxc ♦ Details (pose and other notes): ♦ Background [✓] (+description) / [✗]: ♦ Drawing: Full Body