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  • fountains fountains fountains
  • Keiyoma wrote: » For whatever reason, you're punished for disconnecting/crashing by having some of your trade goods nicked, which for me means I've been handed an immediate loss of Ducats and the trip is now pointless. Unfortunately, this is an…
  • This thread is from 2017 @Luarious It was not broken at the time this was posted and during my reply. The picture I posted is no longer uploaded, but it contained a successful completion of the exact PTJ the OP was trying to do. The OP obviously …
  • The box looks like cancer so I'm not touching that. BUT I see a pet and some nice guaranteed homestead stuff so i reckon this is all right. I wanna see what a row of those fountains will look like.
  • Greta wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » ookie wrote: » tried an age potion way back so i could wear age restricted clothing....didn't work....totally useless potion That's not the purpose of age potions? Nope. That's why i was asking peopl…
  • Eralea wrote: » - Apples that stack to any number, please just let me stack my apples. YOOOOOOOOO GUUUUUUYYYSSS THEY GONNA LET ME STACK MY APPLES
    in Bags Comment by Eralea May 28
  • The point is that even I know who they are so how are they not readily recognized?
  • THICCthighssavelives wrote: » Lorna and Pan should run the adventurer stores instead of the no-name forgettable NPCs. The adventurer store NPCs are called John and Ringo, no relation to any beatles. More importantly, this would create a mome…
  • Every day I work overtime is another day I fall behind in this event. They better not patch that feeding thing, I'm going to need it since they said an extension is unlikely. Edit: ngl the only thing about this event that I'm looking forward to i…
  • Policroma wrote: » Enough with the expiring items. Just make them stackable and no-trade and call it a day. :P Either that or just replace all the consolation prizes with variations on coins or tokens that can be exchanged for the real event items…
  • Yesss stick a couple of channels in their Sydney region. It would genuinely revive the game for certain burnt out Aussie guilds. The way this would affect pvp would still be interesting. I'd like so see some of the big American pvpers try to pvp …
  • Thing is, they're holding events like these to pad out their numbers, but if the events are just bad then the opposite happens - people skip it and don't bother logging in at all. So yeah people can (and should) skip it because it's rubbish, but …
  • Okay It's not quite what I hoped for but this is okay I'm guessing it would have been too difficult to alter the old trees anyway Thank you nexcat, I declare this thread a success can't believe something in the feedback …
  • Okay yea that's actually multiple levels of retardation lmao Putting aside that silly hackjob of how dungeon entrances work, the fact that they never considered that dropping items is an integral part of how the game is played has now led to the …
  • ... You should still be able to click on the goddess statue to select an offering, right?
  • To do this, you have to go back to the main pet list and click the "Favorites" button to open that menu. Once you're there, you have to select the tab you want to edit/delete before the relevant buttons will be highlighted. This is b…
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » TNinja wrote: » This is goddamn illelgal. This is the first board game where I've hit out for 15 consecutive times before getting through. The extra boxes are insurance for those days when this happens^
  • Event dishes are usually mixing because you only need rN cooking to make those... because apparently ranking up cooking would kill people? Idk. I guess they want to make sure everyone can do the quest regardless of skill rank, which is fair, if a bi…
    in Japari Buns Comment by Eralea April 17
  • Japanese cheese is weird and sweet (think
    in Japari Buns Comment by Eralea April 17
  • Normally I would also call for extensions if the event is broken (and this year's Dokidoki has undeniably ridiculously broken), but the only part that affected players badly was the soulmate resetting, so... just compensation for that seems pretty r…