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  • Avarak wrote: » It's Advancement Skill training... In other words, Dan skills. As Avarak pointed out, it has been updated. Only thing I'm really excited for is x2 shadow mission XP, gonna be great getting ~4m off of an elite daily.
  • Yeah, TBH I was kind of hoping there would be an unannounced prize that came with the box... but hey, I'll take a free ~$10 CAD item, and the points don't hurt.
  • IMO I don't think it needs to be extended; the fact that they gave 10 extra days for even the 'log on once a day' was very kind on their part, methinks. Realistically though, it has taken me ~3hrs a night, every night to do the missions, and I al…
  • As according to the fine people over at the wiki, 10 points is an activation cost; having more gives no benefit. That being said, nothing stops you from having multiple DIFFERENT effects, such as having poison immunity, explosion resistance, and …
  • Yup, you can put it in a pet's inventory, bank it in any character's tab, and put it in the dressing room. It should, however, be noted that it costs 10k to take it out of the D.R. or to deposit it in the bank.
  • Liyeta wrote: » Lets start a small discussion c: What do you think about the current in game mabi communty ? There's all different types, and they each have a varying degree of tolerance and respect for each other. I don't think it's too terribl…
  • All my step 6's (all three of 'em, woohoo~) were just regular stones on things that I thought, 'Yeah, I'll only cry a little but I'll get over it'. I'd suggest you use the above poster's suggestions though, unless you like livin' on the edge.
  • TL;DR 1222 inventory max, 894 unrestricted inventory slots max, assuming VIP doesn't let you store bags in its tab. If VIP does, add 560 to the above totals. For calculations, the larger number will mean the inventory space available in the bag(s),…
  • Mabi's economy is quite interesting... Examples I've been given Merlin's Shyllien Mana Knuckles, I've given away a Portia's Dress, I've sold a REGULAR REFORGE for 600k and sold Firewood for 50k/stack because the purchasers offered those amounts,…