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A Game is Not a Game if its not even FUN.
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Yea, no I won't use this thing just so stalkers could hunt me to put a ring on my index finger.
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I love games yea?


  • Lol they kinda do but I still find Kupas cute Just the way they walk with those tiny legs is sooooo cute >w
    in Its Time Comment by Alshian July 8
  • Oh man G21 again? When will it end when they realized they need to use Mana shield with enough Int/magic attack that Hasidim is a serious joke of a mob XD Although I guess Mana shield won't save the NPCs rip. But yea come back when your strong…
  • AR may not be too great but its an alright skill for human archers till your forced into going for better options like Lance, Knuckles, Divine blade, chainblade, shuriken, and maybe even magic although for humans is mostly just final hit, oh as well…
    in Arrow Revolver Comment by Alshian July 4
  • hehe me with my crazy idea here would be awesome if these commerce wagons have some cannons for others to ride with you as they blow up any "trouble" on the way.
  • This title makes me proud ;'3
  • I am waiting till I get the "returned" title for the master plan as I cool off playing other games that don't feel as mindless. O 3o
  • Would be great to like find other bounties like slaying some fieldboss monsters blocking the commerce route to earn some ducats. But I don't know xD
  • Sounds like it was caused by the followers of the black moon :u
  • Greta wrote: » I'm really interested to see how luck can influence Mabinogi combat. I mean player skill wise not the stat itself lol. Still, i wanna see. Don't know o 3o I am just thinking how Tagar's whole spin to win is a bit RNG. Although…
  • besides Tagar, everything else is easy enough to do. And in case you forgot...gear exist :c As sad as you will be would have to face the facts that you are either under geared or too low ranked in skills for stats and can even be both you lack…
  • I...don't know how to feel about this? "hype"? Don't do this to me ಠ wಠ Let us get started.
  • I was just thinking about how organized his bag was. O 3o Most folks that had those bags can't even organize
    in Bags Comment by Alshian June 7
  • ಠ_ಠ Dear..God...
    in Bags Comment by Alshian June 7
  • Welp hopefully my ingame name is original enough and old enough for me to not fight for the name i chose o 3o.
  • Well its speculation at least, not very knowledgeable about how this game works but only just a little idea what it could of be (which is wrong I guess). Well, there is some good that came of least I am not cursed with Name+Alex, "yet".…
  • My thoughts about that was they likely did planned for a full merge but likely had to back down due to the amount of players at the given time. You likely seen it for yourself right? How Nao server was nearing full or at least half way up? They l…
  • As a player from Alex server, those comments are rather...crude, id prefer you stab the face of the person manhandling the prices thank you very much o 3o The prices are too ridiculous (We already know.) pretty lame that you either "no life" for …
  • I one up this, it should reduce "All" protection types with each hit, not just physical protection.
  • Looks to be something that is getting me closer on pressing the red button saying "pass".
  • Id still would like to know the names of the sellers, I am not much of a merchant but this would make a decent economy pvp between merchants knowing whom sales are being harmed by while doing merchant magic against each other o 3o This also gives…
    in AH Suggestions Comment by Alshian May 28