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September 24, 1996
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I have no idea what I am doing


  • HUGE shop update, added fashion items!
  • Hey! I still plan to do more for the shop but my computer has been on reparation for 2 weeks now!! They said I should get it back by the end of the week! Sorry for the delay! UPDATE : I got it now!
  • Hey! I still plan to do more but my computer has been on reparation for 2 weeks now!! They said I should get it back by the end of the week! Sorry for the delay! Don't hesitate to keep posting screens I still doodles ideas on paper from time to ti…
  • Thank you for your submission ! I have decided on one so far but I'll do more ! @kitteykat74 ♥
  • bump
  • Added Chibi style! (Added it in the GIF too)
  • @jake69 Yes sure! You can add my IG my IGN is Cind !!
  • @Gakkuriaqua How adorable! Well yea icon price for the whole thing if it's fine with you ! (I mean no charges for the second cutie)
  • @Gakkuriaqua Hey! I think I can do this also it would be a great opportunity for me haha Depending on what you want it would depend but it wouldn't go over the price of an Icon!
  • BUMP Updated the example list to a GIF
  • Imaizumi's Commission was added to the finished list ! NOTE : Prices were updated since the gold prices weren't fair to the Paypal prices.
  • @Imaizumi Ehm I'll add you in game so we can discuss about this !! Since i'm from EU and im generally busy in the evening it might be complicated QAQ
  • @Imaizumi ! Sweet! I though i had answered sorry! But well you can now I ifnished it Do you want me send you a mail with item or do you want to proceed anyhow else?
  • @Imaizumi Hello ! Here is the sketch ! What do you think about it? there are some details to be added but it isn't an extremly difficult request the total would be 4.5M! Is that okay with you?
  • I'm glad you like it ! I really loved working on her and her color set ! Thank you for your order & comment !!
  • Finished it ! I'll PM you for further information! There are 4 versions (Background + transparent AND with /without glasses!)
  • @Euphoriia here is a WIP ! Tell me if you see anything wrong! (also this is 30% of the original size)
  • Euphoriia wrote: » WAAaahhh i loved your watercolor (pencils?) Drawings T___T im so happy to see that your back!! IGN/Server : etc.. So old memoriesss ! Your character is lovely I'm hyped to work on her ♥ I gave up on watercolor long ag…
  • @Gakkuriaqua Aaah im glad you like it! QAQ Yea It's behind the boy but you can see part of it if you look closely (above his left hand, behind his neck,..)