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  • Greta wrote: » Housing is dead... I still make money from it
  • The 9 months I bought expires on 9/3 ...... I'm not happy not happy at all. It wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't made me feel like it was coming soon, at the TOP of the list of future updates while a sale was going on. it's like I was tricked an…
  • I hope this is a bug. They don't even effect the same stats....
  • oh yeah I can still do these if people are interested so.... bump ^^
  • Here's my ref pic if you're interested please and thank you https://i.imgur.com/w53n4Wr.png
  • I REMEMER YOU!! Still remember those cute button eye chibis I commissioned My character goes female pretty often now too. Here's a reference if you're interested don't worry about the ears and tail I was just too lazy to take them off. you …
    in few freebs Comment by Arjune July 27
  • I don't mind the top 2-3 prizes being rare since they're so limited, but the unlimited darrig box drop is too low, and then it hurts when you FINALLY get one and open it and get dragon or elephant statues... :C
  • not gonna lie I tried to get Tani and it said the name was obscene... lol XD I got her mail too. she sent me fomor bear scrolls. did anyone else get a different item? it would be cute if the messages and items varied
    in Mail from Tani Comment by Arjune July 6
  • Bribrix3 wrote: » Why would you add Doki Doki Island effects on some of these items if the event's not running? The rates of these Gacha are so crappy ..for the money you have us pay Those wigs have had that effect since the first time they …
  • ok so the rates weren't actually nerfed. apparently the chances of getting higher than 17cm are really low after midnight, and once noon hits, the chance of hitting over 17 cm goes higher and higher up until midnight PST. It wasn't explained on the …
  • Have a great holiday you deserve it
  • This event started out fun, but now they reduced the chances of getting higher than 17cm. the rate is so low that there may as well not even be an event Getting the game up was more important though. it's just a bit disappointing
  • Well I mean there's "No" and then there's "No, but it seems bugged" my reply is the latter
  • look at the weird indentations over the toes. Did they use CROCS as a base? :thinking:
  • this probably isn't the final one though... I don't think the game is down for another 8 hours
  • tomorrow is technically the last day if you're in NA since servers don't go down til 3 PM PST XD doom song time!
  • Hopefully we get those merge questions answered soon? Considering there's only like 2 office weekdays days left before the merge and all... ^^;
  • When you realize VIP revamp was at the top of the "Future Updates" list. They were hinting to the sale in the campfire video etc talking about people with current VIP will get updated (LOL?!? If they have any LEFT after waiting 6+ months??). We'…
  • Gaea wrote: » When she said that I wonder if they are considering that the sale was compensation. LOL. Compensation for what though? They have a VIP sale every year around that time.
  • Oh believe me, I'm feeling extremely baited from this as well. it's the only reason I bought the VIP on sale... and it seems like it was a market strategy of theirs because no one was buying it -_- The campfire guy mentioned the sale an so did a cou…