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  • I could imagine a giant player wishing to kill himself while running through those narrow fences and then just full swinging all the fences away after about 5 minutes looks like it took forever to set up though :> Impressive
    in Mabinogi Maze Comment by Arjune April 23
  • Sherale wrote: » Can someone help me understand this? I clicked the total login option. . But it doesn't show I have more "consecutive logins" when i log in. well there's the problem If you've been finding Gwen every day since the start…
  • Greta wrote: » This is getting reaaaallly old and irrelevant now. We already had like at least 3 Deity themed gachas. yeah but this is TALVISH outfit inspired! >:3
  • Those balloons so cute
  • agreed
  • Coffee is just so gross!!! but I'm doing it for the free cute pets
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » But mathematically still not possible to log in even for 29 days much less 30. Assuming timer resets at 7am. she gives a 'gift' for finding her 5 times and again at 10 times so maybe she lets you add 2 days in total? Tha…
  • they don't have any expiration timer, and nothing in the event description indicates they will disappear so I don't think they will disappear. if they do then there will be a LOT of angry players
  • I kinda agree with this... even though some minis in the past were RNG to get from reward boxes and stuff, I was usually able to get them fairly easily. people are still pricing these damn minis at 3-4 mil maybe I'm just stubborn but I don't wanna …
  • IGN: Darvy Server: Mari I was going to make one with all my friends, but then I didn't wanna leave anyone out or make it too crowded.... so I decided to go a different route and thank the wiki and all the people who contributed to it over th…
  • AlfaSusi wrote: » I like that you can switch off Extra skill slot from options and switch it on when you need it. But can't do that for 2nd Skill array. .......except you can.
  • I think they don't call it 'future' content to cover their bums just in case we never get some of the content
  • Wolfsinger wrote: » I never knew Talvish had a smiling Altam face I learned something today and I will never look at him the same again XDD I think they made that especially for this game... same with altam's yandere face lol
  • I think my favorite april fool's event was the one with the alban knights and squires, or the one with the ferghus wings because it involved more than just a short cutscene on login :P also I think we got a title from the squire/knight one an we got…
    in April fools Comment by Arjune March 30
  • Gaea wrote: » Thanks a latte for killing us with more puns. you lose points for repeating the same pun he used yesterday :P
  • I can make my perfect R:0 G:80 B:32 dye almost every time... though sometimes I settle for R:0 G:82 B:34 etc etc. as long as it's 1-2 pixels off idc :P gonna start going for my brown wig color soon though
  • I love the male outfit!! There's not really one like it already imo female seems really similar to others though. I absolutely hate coffee but that's the cutest scooter and food truck EVER
  • Greta wrote: » Be carful. Be very carfull of cars. ....I didn't even notice that typo :< ...... shh
  • I think it's a drawstring pouch that only works on shop bags. you can turn your 11 x 11 Tia bag into 11 x 12... or if you don't like Tia you can change your 11 x 11 Alban Knights shop bag into 11 x 12 or whatever shop bag you wanna add a row to
  • Gaea wrote: » We have an attendance event coming up? yep ^^