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  • I like what they did, tbh. It was nice seeing all the NPCs (Caswyn is hilarious). You can just spend tickets for the lottery machine, I’m maxing out my gold spins for the sequel figsures and that Yggdrasil thingy—it might be an HS prop *-*
  • I can appreciate what they were trying to go for this -- too tough for you to solo boss -- but, really, it was just 20mins of lag fest, running, and getting bounced around :T nice cutscenes tho.
  • The market channel for Nao is ch1 with player shops on Belv and Dunby. There aren't as many player shops as before due to the Auction House and, additionally on Belv's case, the increased licence limits on towns o,o
    in Shops? Comment by roastedpig March 5
  • *coff voted for Talvish *coff
  • What Cho said, plus there's already too many currency ig (Gold, Ducats, Adventure Seals) to add another one. What they could do is provide more gold sinks--include everyday wares on NPC shos. Stuff like full HP recovery, RE pots, Speed Pot, Gathe…
  • a thousand yes please for this. i screenshot everything in generations, the one time i didn’t (g21), thinking the crystal balls were always up to date, is my biggest regret in game >o
  • It always dropped for me in elite. What I’m not sure of is if it still drops after you completed the daily quest o,o
  • @LittleCeci my screenshot skills are a bust (in rl and ig both) so i'm perpetually amazed by how you guys could get such nice photos and great angles! >w 'Sunrise' watching at doki Outfit: Bolero and Jumper Skirt Headpiece: Fedora Shoes…
  • I cheated with FH when I did mine, but I think, if you have the stats plus at least a halfway decent gear to back it up, CC lightning bolt or guns should work. I use the former for elite avalon bridge mission and it’s effective for me thus far. o,o
  • @Servillius, I saw a pair of Celestial Daydream Gloves when i was window shopping. They’re similar to the Lord of Seas, they just don’t have the bracelet @LittleCeci I think I’ll go for high ankle boots if my character was younger o,o In any …
  • oh, long time xD; the outfit was tongue in cheek for me when it was released, but then i got the bonnet and liked the combination. it's prolly gonna be my favorite set for a while >w
  • Crims wrote: » Does anyone remember the mass ban when we had the dupe crisis? We lost a lot of players, that's why it call those days the dark ages. You think Nexon is bad now? YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT WE WENT THROUGH IN THE FIRST COUPLE OF YEARS LOL…
  • I’ve been RB-ing throughout the week, and, yeah, you’ll get the ticket every 100 lvls overall. I don’t shoot for lvl200 so i get the ticket at lvl 50s, 100s or 150s.
  • unfortunately you won't receive any experience points beyond lvl150 with baltane elite missions unless they uncap it for events, otherwise it's good ol' grinding to squeeze those last 50 lvls (or exp. fruits if you have those).
  • Mabi6 wrote: » Just want to say that they are very adorable, it's so cute how they blink and their animation is just so cute altogether. It's a flying mount that also has a passive boost on land and lets you choose a talent to train with so its ba…
  • @Iyasemu you can actually put off choosing the life talent (I closed the window every time i summoned it before finally choosing a talent). The option window would just appear every time you summon it ^^ As for adoption, i’m not sure whether the …
  • I like it, tbh. It's a pale comparison from 2009, but it's a definite improvement from early this year. I met quite a few cool people from Ruairi and Tarlach and you can actually see activity from all the channels depending on the hours.
  • Mykah wrote: » Sherri wrote: » hammerhand wrote: » Where do I get the new gems????? Only ways I can think of is either Veteran Dungeons, those boxes we get for leveling a spirit up once a day/getting them to a certain level, and Hall of Gem…
  • Helsa wrote: » roastedpig wrote: » I log in, successfully proceed to the character window, but when I try to go online game kicks me out with a, "Cannot reach server". Is it just me or is anyone experiencing it? Did you try logging into a …