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  • The magic dans are actually not bad as far as dans go. The worst offender is human magnum. KR rates the dans by difficulty on one to 5 stars. Human magnum is the only skill to have a skull and cross bones on it. Also for magic dan, the crystals will…
  • Extra slot expansion why~~~~~?
  • Leinei wrote: » Neverim wrote: » GTCvActium wrote: » Or have a special area like a secret location that's based on eloping marriages. Edit: A random thought just came out. Like the dungeons Maiz and Karu, there's a special location in Iria …
  • Erg all your weapons to 50.
  • Meridis wrote: » Am I misunderstanding the amount or reset time? I converted 10 AP to 100 Briogh of Discipline the day before yesterday. Since then, everytime I try to put a number for the amount to convert it puts a 0. Doesn't this resets every d…
  • The point of the system is to force commitment on both sides of the transaction. Consider it like this, on the flip side of the coin you bid 5m on an item that was just released, however a sudden surge of demand happened and the item is worth 10m. T…
  • Giegue wrote: » I'll write you up a quick guide that should hopefully explain everything, but I am not overly experienced with the mission. The objective of Revived Illusion is to clear all rooms, similar to a dungeon/rabbie phantasm. Once all…
  • Leinei wrote: » Mizuko wrote: » If there is going to be another AFK event, then it's probably a waste of time because it is interfering with the Tech Duinn mission runs. But if it's an AFK event, you just get the prizes while you're running y…
  • Greta wrote: » Gaea wrote: » Alshian wrote: » If it returns id finally be able to fly! If it ends up being another afk event unrelated to the amazing prize of flight...then I will be forever disappointed of this Year of Mabi events. Oh …
  • Depends on how well economically you are. There are 3 swords sets that are feasible depending on your play style and finances. Beginner: 222 Broadswords - These are cheap and readily available. Just about anyone can make enough money to create an…
  • Wear a robe.
  • Its easier to explain that time flow is experienced completely different between NPCs, use players, and Millitians. For all intents and purposes, in the 10+ years that Mabi has been in service could just be a week age wise for the NPCs.
    in Unsure. Comment by GTCvActium February 8
  • You have to actually put 100g into the bag. Gold boxes do not count. It also works if you move gold from a box to the bag within the inventory.
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Leinei wrote: » Ok, fine, then they'll all have been far older than they should be if that were true. -_- I remember someone said they get to choose whether they want to age or not. It's why only Ruairi's and Tarlach's…
    in Unsure. Comment by GTCvActium February 7
  • Begin the dead bee revolution!
  • Alternatively you can go to your server's forum section and look at the guild recruitment ads. One thing to note is that the guild list also lists inactive guilds, or guilds that have long since been abandoned or their leaders quit.
  • We have devolved into being Saturday morning cartoon villains stealing the world's supply of lolis for the purpose of cheek pinching, head pats, and hugs.
  • Or have a special area like a secret location that's based on eloping marriages. Edit: A random thought just came out. Like the dungeons Maiz and Karu, there's a special location in Iria where the entrance changes at 12AM/PM PST and must be found…
    in Unsure. Comment by GTCvActium February 5
  • Funny enough Brilluen was actually sent back to the Queen in G21, so its entirely possible that one of the fiends is actually her regressed.
  • Leinei wrote: » Arjune wrote: » oh man this is gonna ANNOY ME..... especially since I planned to put them all together in there >_>; by the way I don't know if you intended it, but your character looks perfectly disappointed by this dis…