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  • Habimaru wrote: » For those who say that «End-Game Elves are OP» ...what exactly makes them OP ? From what I remember, assuming it's the same idea in this world/time-line/etc., people said it's because of Mag-Spam. You also mention NA ping... ex…
  • Iyasenu wrote: » In 2 Cravan-Liquids-worth (~20 minutes, since they last 10 minutes each) of metallurgy in the poison swamps, I think it's safe to say at least two things: 1) The gem find rate is noticeably higher than metallurgy in normal spo…
    in G24 sham Comment by rawrnyah January 18
  • That's probably because of the people who were spamming Belvast commerce to get the Tory Ravine Seal Breaker title. Just give it time to recover.
  • 200%? That's ridiculous! I thought reforges mostly added a flat damage boost. If I could add 200% to my damage that would account for basically all of the discrepancy between my damage and higher levels Keep in mind that this is a 200% added to …
  • Which channels on Nao, and what time? I've noticed it happening 2 days ago on ch7 & ch9 at about 3:30 pm PST and on ch8 at about 2:30 am PST.
  • Yeah it will auto complete if you summon a pet that you haven't summoned since the beginning of the week. This is because the pet will age up when you summon them which is where the points come from. That aside, will the soaked red instrument bag…
  • If you can beat the girg solo mission you could try this method (not sure if it still works): basically choose to do the solo girg fight, right before the last dialogue confirmation option you can press "p" and create a squad so you enter the solo m…
  • The spike and blade dailies require other people setting up for you to count for the dailies/weeklies since they are by design, impossible to complete solo (i.e. the shared cooldown for the crusader skills is longer than the time window you have to …
  • I would just be happy if they let us load the skills above chain 1 without needing a target. It feels so clunky when you kill a mob with a chain 1 or 2 skill and then need to click another target to use the skill after but end up autoattacking it in…
  • The Grandmaster title is also different from the rest of the talents. It reads "Chain Slash Grandmaster" instead of following the convention of the other talents and being "Grandmaster Chain Slasher."
  • Rather than putting them directly in the seal shop etc, I feel like I might be a better idea to put reforge drops into those exploration chests in Iria. Kills two birds with one stone that way by drawing more people to that neglected continent...
  • Hold wrote: » I like the guide and all but it still leaves me confused in some areas. Like could someone explain in a bit more in detail as to how to sell stuff using the party tab. I came across some items I can't sell through personal shops and …
  • Does the hagi shuriken take the artisan upgrade?
  • Push that Truck Dai! Push it 1000 times! lmao that sent my nostalgia levels back 2 decades
  • So Tarlach, Mari and Ruairi are known as the Three Lost Warriors and were a bunch of people who were most famous for.... well being lost. Not exactly a noteworthy task that gets people to remember you. Why are these guys famous again? Does nobody ev…
  • I'm also facing the same issue. The game kicks me out every 3 minutes basically making it impossible to do anything.
  • Are you sure they don't make a sound when you hit them? There's one room with 4 harps in the corners and no red swirls but when you hit the harps, 3 of them sound like a stringed instrument while one sounds like a flute. To open that room you need t…