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I like how you guys nuked my thread when i showed Alexina looking miserable with broken ch1 and overall low (11% full, while Nao was 21%) population. Good job. This just proves your favoritism towards Nao server, because i know all GM's hang out in there. You never did any special streams in Alexina and now you even gave special treatment of adding additional 3 channels to Nao server. How you dare to claim these servers having similar population if you literally debunked it after adding those 3 channels??? This is a joke. This whole ignorance towards Alexina being left out is ridiculous and sad.


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October 1, 1996


  • GriRea wrote: » So players who are waiting for paid name changes are going to miss out on the 16 Character Name Event. Cool. ^^^ This. Also not gonna acknowledge the fact that some players (even from Alexina) managed to get a Name Change wit…
  • Seriously Sony... First they ruin games with childish censorship and now this real life gambling? Lool. P.S: Loving YongYea's videos. Especially when he rants about lootboxes or any other crappy news lol.
  • Tayloreski wrote: » PlatinaKoki wrote: » Tayloreski wrote: » Aquasol wrote: » I once brought in about 7 full bags of groceries with one hand, so I’d like to think I’ve got a bit of power. I believe that power is known as, Mom power. An…
  • It's often used to make some Homestead items. Since they are tedious to make and requires a lot of materials to make one is the reason why they are expensive.
  • Kouyioue wrote: » I guess there's only one way to find out. Not that it would matter much, they cannot be repaired. That and don't hammers usually leave the item unrepaired and just add a point onto the end? Yup. Pretty sure it's that.
  • Pan wrote: » Alexina merge when? F for Pan. And Alexina.
  • Kouyioue wrote: » Yeah something's missing The 16 character name event is going to end without even a peep about the mentioned name change coupons ????? You probably missed the point... The name change service IS name change coupon.
  • MabiIn2k19 wrote: » Greta wrote: » Wow wth Alexina was fun asf 4 years ago. You would see shops and activity everywhere. I remember Tara Stonehenge in ch1 was crowded all the time back then and now you barely see people there. Also so much p…
  • Don't know if anyone of you guys noticed this, but i actually saw multiclient/alt abuse even from this event too. Saw it few times in Alexina ch4. Like ~8 newbie players with Penguin Robes were afk next to Zeno.
  • Sherri wrote: » Helsa wrote: » Hankrillon wrote: » Helsa wrote: » 2) A means to allow multiple copies of the same name is developed. I always thought it was weird when games don't allow multiples of the same name, when the solution seems …
  • Helsa wrote: » Greta wrote: » This thread is about to be locked, because it's a petition or something along those stupid lines, whatever they say. The other thread was closed with this statement. Aquasol wrote: As this thread is more of a …
  • Gaea wrote: » I don't know why people would be freaking out about this lol. Well i was weirded out how some got it and some didn't. That's why i was freaking out thinking if something was wrong. Thought maybe i missed something in G23.
    in Mail from Tani Comment by Greta July 12
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » I click on life skills and gestures because they're not the ones where time will be affected too much. Chimera Gesture. Yes. Perfect.
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » NemurikoAlexina wrote: » If there were no rare prizes at all, and it was just hammers, I'd still be pleased. Love those hammers. Made dozens of max-speed drills and blasted wands, and I'm repairing them at 90%, which is…
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Pan wrote: » Alexina merge when? When she submits to the Nao chimera. She's holding out strong. I see you mentioning chimeras quite too often. Isn't that becoming chimera of yours too?
  • This thread is about to be locked, because it's a petition or something along those stupid lines, whatever they say.
  • *confusion noises*
  • Gaea wrote: » Leorne wrote: » I just returned to mabinogi after 4 years and after reading the forums you would think Alexina is dead. It literally is exactly the same as I left it. I see absolutely no difference in population. Are people …