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The pen may be mighier than the sword but the shovel is mightier than the pen.
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I like Italian food.


  • Wolfsinger wrote: » Negumiko wrote: » some players also enjoy having a random player transformed as a cat napping close to them. ...You wouldn't happen to have been a gold-digging cat once in your lifetime, were you? XD You know, since Can…
  • Wolfsinger wrote: » Helsa wrote: » Not to mention exactly who are all these millitians rebirthing out of? Nao? I always had the impression we just fell out of the clouds and woke up like Subaru outta Re:Zero starting his next life, but thank…
  • Habimaru wrote: » ...them text-to-speech software must be really good if anybody thought that those were any of my voices...! ;o I was using the «m00 Voice-Recorder» program in conjunction with Balabolka to get those audio-insertions by the way. …
  • Habimaru wrote: » Give something similar a try for your Joust-Videos ? Nope. I've been stalked far too many times to then have someone decide they like the sound of my voice.
  • A seller doesn't need to know the name of a rival seller to undercut prices. They see the lowest price, they undercut it, name not required. There is no need to know a sellers name other than to threatten them. All that metters is what is on sale…
    in AH Suggestions Comment by Helsa May 28
  • Not to mention exactly who are all these millitians rebirthing out of? Nao?
  • Once you know who's selling something for way too high then what; get them banned? Sellers are allowed to name any price they want. Buyers don't HAVE to buy. New comers shouldn't expect to be able to get choice items as new comers anyway. You …
    in AH Suggestions Comment by Helsa May 28
  • If you can nest bags then you might as well set up regular inventory to hold infinite stuff. I mean tha'd be great and all but um yeah.
    in Bags Comment by Helsa May 28
  • LastSaturday wrote: » So using Ice Spear in any current dungeon is just the most tiresome endeavor ever. Either everything is immune to being frozen or it does such little damage you'd be better off casting ice bolt as the team won't whine about t…
    in Ice Spear rework Comment by Helsa May 28
  • I think that this: THICCthighssavelives wrote: » buy orders placed on the AH. is a really good idea, and would be a massive game changer. Especially if it could be set up as a reverse auction where sellers have to progressively out bid each o…
    in AH Suggestions Comment by Helsa May 28
  • Don't forget Forgetful potions . . . .well . . . . you know what I mean. Forgetful potions are best used if you have a Hero talent.
    in Rebirth Potions Comment by Helsa May 28
  • If party channel was defaulted to blocked, tha'd be nice. I have to keep re-blocking it every time I CC.
  • Greta wrote: » 아이씨 wrote: » So when is the merge for Alexina? May as well just the shut the game down because it's already dead. #letsbelikems2 Don't now if you maybe had a bad day or you are just a sad person, but you need to stop making…
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » Helsa wrote: » Even though this is a few years old I just found it. Good laugher. Imagine that's how rebirths happen in Mabi? Hm? What happens to the body that is abandoned? Mabinogi's dark secret; dun DUN D-U…
  • .. and it got a pawn to the end and did NOT choose a Queen.
  • And using different passwords, and changing them often limits the damage. They came at us, in the old manner, and we saw them off, in the old manner. Arthur Wellesley
  • Wait! Am I to believe that on internet, where folks can post anonymously, there's toxicity? Say it isn't so!
    in Last Post Wins Comment by Helsa May 28
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » KelpSoda wrote: » well am a cat and when i bore i just go poke and annoy someone nya So you are now Kelpcat Kelpcat is the new Hepcat.
  • 2020 May 24 Alexina had 10-1 and its' final can be found here.
    in Jousting Finals Comment by Helsa May 27
  • I had mine in an expired style tab. Then I brain-farted and picked them up; oh well.