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February 17, 1993
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I am Alchemy


  • That's actually really funny, I had saved my catsidhe just in case, but of course now I already have all the skills r1. By the time we get this change I'll probably have burnishing dan 3 already too. Good for future players and potential future sale…
  • I got a video of it, first few times are me pressing the 'mount' hotkey. Then I try to right click and mount. Someone else is on the pet the rest of the time. The "There is no available room" message does not appear like it does on a mount that is a…
  • Commerce isn't so bad, I think the worst thing about it is that you essentially need the accessories to profit normally. Belvast profits are high if you learn how to grind them and invest in the gear. I'd love to see the commerce accessory enchan…
  • Unfortunately we don't allow advertisement of unofficial social links here on the forums. While I'm sure it's a riot of a discord server, we'll be removing the link and locking this thread.
  • Kensamaofmari wrote: » KelpSoda wrote: » im pretty sure julie came from another planet though, but that's just the starchild idk if the other julies are also aliens but that might explain her relationship with the conspiracy guy hmmm Where di…
  • My chinchilla is not a land fish, more like a land dolphin.
  • I wish you best best of luck while handling all your affairs Leinei.
  • Yeah, Kokopo was one of my favorite pets too. It was really left behind in the last update, it's a shame.
  • Past collaboration pets are not able to be Synced with. This includes Kokopo and the Ground dragon from Re;Zero. More recent collaboration pets like the Kemonomimi Friends pets are able to be synced.
  • Cover : Shiny Happy Days by Minaduki Catgirls Server : Nao IGNs Alchemy - Tuba Dariyan - Flute CTC - Chalumeau Aldean - Hand Chimes
  • Neori wrote: » Cover Song: Slump by Stray Kids (Tower of God ending song) Server: Alexina IGN: Dumnezeu - Piano (Bam) Eriyu - Piano (Khun) Catpaws - Harp (Hwa Ryun) Neori - Mandolin (Rachel) I LOVE THIS! I'm biased though, I've been f…
  • It is time! Time to make get our the spreadsheets and make plans!
  • Tittsune wrote: » Akirachu wrote: » were you in rp guild? Yes I was! It's a TRAP!
  • Remember to be polite to everyone else on the forums. Needless aggression and arguments don't go anywhere. Play nice, have fun, and enjoy the secret garden in your own way. Posts related to arguing have been removed. Feel free to discuss the gach…
  • ADV Revived Illusion with x2 exp potion x1.5 Cleric Party x1.5 Divine Link x1.5 friend with returning title Just kill the orb rooms and repeat. Conversely if you're strong enough you can use the first phase of Kraken ADV for exp with the same…
  • Oooh, I love the choice to do all the shots at night. It came out really nice.
  • I'd like to welcome everyone to my homestead, where pets, humans, elves, and giants can all relax take a break, and enjoy some of our luxurious foods. To start things out feel free to enjoy dinner with your pet, we offer all the pets foods and …
  • Let us remember the rules here, Posting Rules and Regulations - Controversial, illegal (pirating, drugs, other illicit etc.), adult (drinking, sexual activities and references) and Terms of Use-breaking (hacking, glitching, account trading, pri…
  • Hope stuff pre-loaded from the fight before to deal as much damage as possible before she hits you. Once you have the safeguard effect manually dodge all the attacks till it gets to level 0 (or 1 if you have the damage) to start attack again. Unlike…