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Where the road splits, take the brighter path.
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❤ Electrolytes Guild Member ❤ We love our Guild!


  • Electrolytes is now a year old and still going stronger than ever! We've been celebrating with several wonderful anniversary events all month to reward our members for their hard work and dedication! Congratulations to those who have won our NX p…
  • Banquet is a good place to meet new people! Events are great for that too. If you're looking for people to talk to, Electrolytes is usually active during banquet hours on Ch5. Just tell 'em East sent you! They enjoy new faces!
  • Rebound is a good guild. Next time they open recruitment you could look into them. Electrolytes is open now, so until Rebound reopens their recruitment you could look into us. ⚡❤ Feel free to leave a message with our leader!
  • @FayeKaiba ❤ @Aixkat ❤ @Runefan ❤ Thank you everyone for your support! As we draw closer to our first anniversary, we welcome you to join us for some wild and crazy events! We hope you join us in the electrifying experience of Electrol…
  • Electrolytes.exe is now rebooting! Prepare for a power surge!
  • Electrolytes is closing recruitment until March 20th! You may still apply, however, any that are not friends/ family members of other members, we will not accept until March 20th. Thank you!
  • Electrolytes is back and to celebrate we've held a guild raffle of 25k NX! Congradulations to the winner! Electrolytes will be hosting events again shortly with a revamped system that is ready to tackle the world! We hope to see some lovely ne…
  • Much support ❤ It is a pleasure knowing you!
  • The Mabinogi Artistry Server has a lot to offer, including weekly themes, tutorials, Commissions profiles and requests, and much more. Don't miss out on this fine opportunity to share your work and get some advice from some of the best on the game! …
  • Electrolytes Recruitment has now been reopened. The current vote has passed and majority voted to accept a certain amount of recruits a month. This number will exclude any family members and friends of any previous members. Please contact Zurc…
  • If you're looking for a active guild, look into Electrolytes. They have a lot more to offer than just raids, aswell! You can see how to join here and how to contact the leader aswell (leader is Zurcishere in-game). http://forums.mabinogi.nexon.ne…
  • Hello, Friere, what a unique name! My name is EastSea and I help Electrolytes recruit off of the forums! Electrolytes is a very active guild with dozens of members signing in everyday and plenty of Shadow mission runs that may interest you! …
  • Hello Dai! My name is East and I currently help Recruitment for Electrolytes! Electrolytes is a highly active guild that has breaching 30 members online everyday and over 40 online on Discord. If you are active on you accounts, you are allowed…
  • Much support! Good luck with your endeavors!
  • As of tomorrow, Recruitment will be reopened while our members vote on a new method of accepting members. Please note Zurcishere or add him on Discord at Cruz#3129 to join. Please put in your application in-game and complete the survey attached t…
  • Have you attempted contacting any Electrolytes members? Electrolytes is a very friendly, active guild that welcomes returning and new comers. Their leader would be happy to put you in a Discord server that is filled with Mabinogi players. Just conta…
  • Hello there! My name is EastSea! If you're looking for friends, I suggest talking to some Electrolytes members. Their home channel is Ch5, and they typically run things together everyday. They're very friendly and welcome new comers to join them …
  • @Arietta Our guild leader should have left you a note, to which we have not received a reply. Please add our leader on Discord at Cruz#3129. Thank you for your interest in Electrolytes!