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I am currently working on Mastery of all skills. I have several already mastered, and a BUNCH that are R1 I have finished the Advent of the Goddess story line and I am on the last quest for Alchemist. I have also finished : Iria the Saga Part 1, Kinda got stuck on part 2 and haven't been back to finish it I will eventually though. I am on the Tarlac server and either on Channel 2 , or selling on Channel 7. I try to stay logged in even while I am at work, as my work schedule varies it is easiest to note me on the server. IGN : Meavepagan. Married to Moondoggy 2 in game and he just happens to be my real life husband


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May 19, 1957
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Final Hit is awesome. Let's go kill stuff.
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I have been Playing since July 2014. I absolutely LOVE Mabinogi.


  • Nevermind. I figured out that I have to BUY the paint from the general shop
  • It wont even let me use my coupons. I can't play the rock paper scissors part at all this is the second part of the event that I have been unable to do for some reason. I QUIT!!!!
  • Crims wrote: » It's not that hard to do fossil restoration, especially for this event. A friend from a guild discord channel taught us a really simple technique that allows you to get it done within the timer. Clear a frame boarder first, and then…
  • The ones from Malcom do work
  • Katherz wrote: » @Kouyioue and @Meave where you guys shooting the fireworks bought from Walter's shop? or random ones from previous events? Just trying to figure out what could be happening. I bought them from Walter
  • I was doing it but it wasn't giving me anything and then it shut down. PLUS the OP is correct it was not letting me launch every minute as stated. I used the timer on my phone to try to make sure I wasn't trying to fast.
  • Same thing is happening to me.
  • I hope the server settles down some I really like this game I have been playing 5 years come this July and I have invested lots of money in my stuff. I would hate to get so disenchanted that I just give up It took me 3 hours to get onto CH 1 yest…
  • yeah I did and they did fix it thanks
  • I have 1 pet that is also black cloaked from the merge. and I have so many that I truly don't even know which one it is. there is no name there, and no picture so I will have to go through my entire pet list to figure it out I sincerely hope it wa…
    in Mini Pet missing Comment by Meave June 4
  • It was down on chrome as well
  • I know they are going to take down the guild stones, BUT what about returning the gold and guild points for them?
  • there is also 2X item drop potions. I have gotten mostly those. I just dump them.
  • ShouK wrote: » Curious if anyone even do the valentine day cake event lol I did it once on day 1, got junk, never did it again Same
  • Ktty wrote: » Musicat wrote: » ... So, if I really missed 3 days, those days could get me just the number of coupons to have 22 in total in the end ... You can't count Thursday because the event ends before you can collect for that day. So on…
  • Greta wrote: » The outfit is ugly and always do the math before buying anything. It's a MUST. If i remember right, it's always been like that with this event, you needed to choose one of those rewards because it wasn't enough. We don't even get…
  • Unfortunately it doesnt reset until 10 AM Eastern which is when the Maintenance usually begins. So I am completely out of luck evidently. I really wish I had known that BEFORE I got the Baby Bonnet. I just loged off and on to see if I could do i…
  • Has anyone done the Math? we cannot possibly get both items as the event is 21 days BUT it takes 22 coupons to get both items. I can not say how disappointed I am that is what happens. I got the Baby Bonnet thinking I would have enough time, t…
  • got it all done, and got the pet WHOO HOO!!! did not even attempt the 3rd book, not interested in the prizes. Special Thanks to all those that helped.