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  • AleiraSwordfire wrote: » Only the dice battle and helping hands ends on Pet Trainer Event this thursday, so you can still save up Fynn Bell Coins if you cant reach your desired prize yet, we are getting new dailys also, "Awaken a Fynn Bead through…
  • Thanks, guys. I have a good lawyer that's doing a lot of the work and my husband is being super helpful.
  • Helsa wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » Helsa wrote: » Crimsọn wrote: » Ken has found a new purpose in life. Godspeed. Remember, he's a "business guy"; it's probably a hostile take-over. Leinei wrote: » Short version, last year, my mom d…
  • Greta wrote: » Don't worry. It's not the end of world without your heads-up threads. I know, but it's one of the things I can do that helps others out. Short version, last year, my mom died and I've been trying to handle her estate since, wi…
  • I'm still around. Like Ken said, nothing's going away this week, so I didn't make a post. Only thing that's changing is the Master Plan stuff. Just a warning, I've got some real life stuff going on that's been hitting me like a truck, but I'll …
  • Калашников wrote: » Leinei wrote: » What is it with Nexon and putting shorts on outfits that should be full-length pants...? -_- Well, there are long pant versions for both. I guess it's for group that likes to dress as little kids, but it mu…
  • Ok, good, someone already made a post about this... -_- I just noticed this was an issue...
  • I honestly didn't know you could break Spirit Weapons. XD
  • What is it with Nexon and putting shorts on outfits that should be full-length pants...? -_-
  • Iyasenu wrote: » Kingchaoss wrote: » Can you lose your ego weapon during enchanting and the enchant fails? Yes, the spirit will fully vanish as well if the weapon disintegrates for any reason, whether it be failing a r6+ Enchant, or failing a…
  • Elyruruna wrote: » Lv 200 for 2x training exp and effort As for wine making Hmm why not just put grape, finish it , put another grape, then finish it again Repeatly I did this with chocolate. XD
  • Not going to lie, I was expecting something totally different.
  • Crims wrote: » I hope they put some pets on sale. I guess I need to buy a few cats and regret deleting the event cats. SIGH... What's so special about the cats? I missed the stream yesterday. =(
  • Wolfsinger wrote: » That turtle is so stupid cute XD It's from the series Bofuri.
  • Crims wrote: » Guys it's not just voice acting. They are refining everything. Making stuff LOOK better. We may possibly be on our way to a full scale update. This may just …
  • Oh, crap. That's a long list. 1) Overhaul the Cash Shop. -Gacha with new outfits would be fine, but then after a month, outfits from said gacha would be given bags and charged accordingly (as well as if they have an animation). -Add 1-Day Skil…
  • Helsa wrote: » Alshian wrote: » ಠ_ಠ Dear..God... If you've been around long enough, you'd be in the same situation. Arjune wrote: » I blame you guys for making me remember this, so you all shall experience it as well.
    in Bags Comment by Leinei June 8
  • Stacking passes would be nice. =T
    in Bags Comment by Leinei May 29
  • I think I got a lot of gems out of mine, which I can use to feed my Ego sword. =3
  • Crims wrote: » Kensamaofmari wrote: » EmilieBerry wrote: » Money Hungry Capitalism Ho! Money aint free. You are all gonna pay for it down the road Ho!