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  • Just like Dark Souls...

    sooooo, Indeimaus isn't going to play mabi?
  • "New and Powerful Enchants"

    Orkane wrote: »

    Alternatively, they could tone down the infinite sources of gold that are all over the place and stop releasing shadow crystals when they're obviously a huge part of the problem. Simply putting the option of spending 159k per point for 98% is unappealing to the point where that option might as well not exist. Especially since people tend to be loss averse.

    They could do that as well but it's more helpful for them to remove the gold that's already circulating in the system. That's what's controlling the prices right now and leaving it while limiting income would basically just make a class divide, making it so that the older and wealthier players retain all the wealth and set all the prices to trade among themselves while everyone who's new or didn't accumulate that gold beforehand would be locked out of the market unless they chance upon an item that lets them skim some of the old money players. It would basically be the same as now, but worse.

    So, yeah, the bigger problem is the money that's already accumulated among a smaller group of players who can set all the prices for items.I'm not saying they can't do that too and you aren't saying they should only do that but know that the gold sink has a bigger impact than turning down the money faucet.
  • Runestones On Each Chain Blade Type

    oh, I didn't think to look to closely at the runestones for some reason. Have a book or two on it. Cutthroat's looks like Mannaz which, as far as I know is representative of all of mankind, unity, and beginnings. Cardinal looks like a form of Othila, which represents inheritance, ownership, and separation. It's not quite right. The top should be pointed, not flat. I guess it would make sense to change it. I think it was used as a symbol by the NSDAP and the White-Liberation movement.
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  • New Fall Themed Event And Outfits!

    Harukari wrote: »
    Not really a big fan of the outfits.
    But the female wig is adorable. :D

    you mean the "dead mom" hair?