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  • Squire Likability

    Hey, is there any way to increase squire likability without doing the stupid arbitrary conversations thing? Its easy with the 2 starter squires since they literally tell you what to pick, but all the others are obnoxious, and going out with them once a week isnt enough to let me train them as much as I need to. Even if its a cash shop item or something I would be ok with that as long as its an ok amount of likability.
  • Rework Enchanting

    Opalthira wrote: »

    As for enchanting actual items i've yet to fail with r5 enchants.

    This is a lie, period. The success rate for R5 enchants, even with all the best stuff and R1 enchanting, is less then 50%. Unless you have only done one enchant in your life and it succeeded, this is a lie, and if thats the case, if you actually have only done 1 enchant over R5 ever, use of the phrase "yet to fail" is extremely misleading.
  • Rework Enchanting

    This is one of the only skills in the game that has never been reworked and boy does it show. Enchanting is absolutely TERRIBLE. To get 2 good enchants on an item requires going through an insane number of either enchant protection potions or instances of the item itself. On top of that its one of the hardest, if not THE hardest skill to rank and the penalties for failure are INSANE. Starting at R6 scrolls, fails DESTROY THE ITEM COMPLETELY and anything below that lowers max durability dramatically. All of that would be excusable since they released items to circumvent most of those problems such as the protection potions I mentioned above, even though that's bordering on one of the worst ways to address a problem in a game, but the clincher to this suggestion for something that needs reworking lies in the absolutely asinine way Int works with enchanting. Int applied to enchanting caps at 200, that's right TWO HUNDRED! Seriously? It takes about an hour from a fresh lvl 1 character to obtain 200 Int, and I should know, I just recently got a friend started on Mabi for the first time. 2 hours into it his int was around 350 because he really liked magic. Why is Int even used at all at that point? Nobody who would actually be using enchanting and would care about any possible stat contribution would have WAY more then 200 Int. It would be impossible for that scenario to occur with a person who DOESNT have 200+ int. On top of that, according to calculations made and posted to the Wiki, if that success rate were uncapped to a reasonably level, enchanting would actually gain a reasonable success rate compared to the EXTREME penalties it suffers upon failure. Im not saying make all 1500 points of possible Int count, but maybe like 800 or 1000 might work. 800, according tot he enchanting calculator, would give a success rate of about 80%. I would even be satisfied with 600.
  • Ways to make Blaze not lame

    Currently, Blaze is basically useless. This is quite a shame because its SUPER fun to use, one of my favorite skills, its also very satisfying to perform well. The main reason, I think, that Blaze is so useless is because of the extremely limited selection of weapons that can use it effectively. Currently there are 2, Combat wands, which are garbage, and Savage wands, which are more for using their element then for Blaze. I dont think we necessarily need a new type of want dedicated to blaze, though a staff that doesnt apply a penalty to blaze damage would be nice. I think if they just updated the old combat wand so ti can be sued with the newer combat skills that would be enough to make Blaze useful again on utility alone. The ability to sue bash alongside Blaze without changing weapon would be awesome. This may even add combat wands to the extremely short (1 item long) list of viable spirit weapons. If combat wands counted as a blunt weapon that would allow you also to use the special effects of Smash and walk with counter loaded. It might also be interesting to maybe see giants DW combat wands, though that might be a bit pointless. Either way, Blaze needs a better selection of weapons that dont penalize its damage by a massive amount.
  • Update Spirit Weapons

    As it stands right now, there is 1 spirit weapon, Fire Wands. Every other spirit weapon is drastically outclassed by the normal weapons that have been released since but have not been added to the spirit weapon pool. Not only that, but there are now a LOT of skill sets that cant use one because none of that weapon types weapons have ever been added. Spirit weapons take a HUGE investment of time and money, mostly time, to make powerful and are 1-per-player. Spirit weapons, because of how they work and what they are supposed to be, should be the most powerful weapon the player has access to, regardless of the weapon type, at the cost of a high need for maintenance. We desperately need either a massive upgrade to the existing spirit weapons or the addition of new weapon types that will make non-fire-wand spirit weapons actually viable.