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  • Let us turn off Trans skill bar chagnes

    PLEASE let us turn off the stupid random 1 skill bar that changes when u enter dk, paladin, falcon, and beast, this is beyond unnecessary and literally every other transformation would make much better use of this feature due to having far more active skills, and yet the trans with the least active skills by far is the only trans given this feature. All this does is lock me out of DK because I go to transform in the middle of a raid or something, realize all my f button skills are wrong, then transform back right away to keep from dieing because I cant even use crisis to hide and set my skills because its disabled in trans, but then cant go back into trans to set them when im no longer in danger because its on cooldown, so they just dont ever get set because I forget thats even a thing until the next time it nearly gets me killed in an intense moment. I cant even just stop and let things kill me to finally get them set because when u die, u exit trans. To make this worse, when I finally do remember to set them I set them then continue playing like any sane person would, then the game crashes or some such thing, causing my hotkey changes to not be saved, putting em back at square one.
  • Black bag

    So I saw this amazing bag is a possible reward from the fishing event, so I decided to go check the wiki to see what events it was given in before and I saw that it supposedly drops from old fishing traps from the winter fishing event! I just so happen to have like 800 of those rotting in my inventory! I would have opened those so much sooner if I knew. Now if this maintenance will end soon, I can go open my masses of ancient event boxes and probably not get the bag, YAY!
  • Carasek's Bag from event boxes

    Just got my bag finally, normal box, took roughly 100 boxes, in that same time I bought about 30 or so special boxes and didn't get one from that, not exactly proof one way or the other cause the numbers are off and its an isolated example, but more data is always good
  • Ok... really?

    So at the bottom of the latest patch notes it says they fixed some dialogue, which I'm glad for, don't get me wrong, but the last thing bugs me a little. The dialogue for final hit that previously pointed to the wrong dungeon has FINALLY been fixed. Final hit has been out for what, 8 years? Telling people to go to the wrong dungeon is a pretty big mistake, and dialogue is a pretty easy thing to change. It would literally take 5 minutes to go in and retype the contents of that. Its not like they have to recode anything to change dialogue, so why the hell was that left like that for 8 YEARS? That should have been changed the very next day after final hit came out, not 8 years later. Simple things like this being completely ignored for insane amounts of time like 8 years is why myself and many others keep quitting this game for months at a time, or worse, permanently. Is it really too much to ask for a single shred of quality control? I mean come on, 8 years to change some disastrously wrong dialogue? And this game is packed to exploding with things just like that. Every 5 minutes or less I spend playing this game I find myself face to face with another reminder that what I am playing is not a quality product, like when you buy a pair of scissors from the dollar store that tear paper instead of cutting it or something like that. Buggy animations, rubberbanding, misspelled or incorrect dialogue, displacement, walking to attack some random offscreen thing in Qilla when I try to talk to an NPC there, and don't even get me started on things like the "you're too far away to harvest that" when you're standing INSIDE the thing you're trying to harvest. No matter what way you slice it, in its current state, Mabinogi just isn't a quality game.
  • List of things that annoy you in the game.

    Hardmuscle wrote: »
    Offline player stores..
    *but.. *housing * cough* ........... :D

    Except housing is useless because its limited to 5mil, requires vip service to use, is limited in quantity and costs a hefty sum to maintain, 1mil or so in bid every time you need a new house, based on the whims of the current castle owners, and requires you to teleport to a different location AND change channel TWICE every time you want to buy something from it. We need something that's not stupid and useless and is actually accessible by the entire community, not just a small portion of it. Simply being able to log off with your shop running to sell things while offline would not only be a simple solution, but is how pretty much every game that uses player shops of this kind does it except for mabi, cause mabi is a special little snowflake that doesn't feel it needs to abide by convenience dontcha know.