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  • It's official: merge baby merge

    Yes, let's build a wall between Alexina and Nao. Make Mabinogi great again.

    Jokes aside, I think it would be better to merge all the servers. Not sure why they decided to keep Alexina out.
  • Returned once again/ Barrage of Question.

    To my knowledge, Elves are the best race for single target dps. By stacking Vision of Ladeca, Final Shot and spamming Magnum Shot allows you to deal insane damage very quickly. This is all I can say about this because I'm not an expert on this topic.

    Human generally lean towards melee combat due to the fact that they have access to Final Hit. But now with Chain Slasher out, I've been seeing more people change their gear (mostly reforges) to complement the new talent. Chain slasher has overloaded kit with high damage multiplier on skills, damage steroid, decent single target damage and several great AoE abilities. I strongly recommend trying it out. Cutthroat Chain Blade, the second strongest chain blade has much cheaper repair than beam swords and will last for a very long time.

    Hope it helps.
  • Where would you live in Errin

    Jazmyn wrote: »
    Why not Tara?

    Rent is too high. Also, lag.
    KensamaofmariJazmynRadiant DawnookieYuoichi
  • Where would you live in Errin

    I'd probably choose Abb Neagh. It has great view, cheap rent and it's in walking distance of Dunby. I can also build a house near the lake and yell at people for stepping on my lawn during soon to come fishing events.
  • Dinner (& Dessert) with Mabinogi

    Chicken breast with onion and asparagus

    Easy recipe for the lazy me. You can just do it in one pan to avoid lots of dishes, but I'll do it with two because it taste better that way. It's not bad considering the amount of effort going in.

    1 boneless chicken breast (I prefer skinless)
    1 small onion
    few cloves of garlic
    6~8 asparagus
    bit of salt
    bit of pepper
    decent glug of olive oil
    tablespoon or two of butter

    Slice the onion, garlic, take the ends off of asparagus and slice them in half. You can peel the asparagus with a potato peeler if you don't like the texture.
    Flatten the chicken a bit to ensure even cooking surface. Make sure you do it in between a cling film to avoid mess!

    Preheat the pan on the hob around medium-high heat and put a decent glug of olive oil in as well as few knobs of butter. The remaining oil, butter, chicken juice mixture is going to be a dipping sauce for our bread.

    When the temperature is hot enough, salt and pepper the chicken and place it in the pan. Cook the chicken breast on one side for few minutes? Until it develops bit of a color, but not too much. Now flip the chicken and lower the heat to medium-low, put the onion in the oil and cover with a lid. It should take about 10 minutes depends on how thick your chicken breast is.

    Get a second pan on the hob on high heat. When it's hot enough, put few table spoons of olive oil and garlic in. Sweat the garlic until it turn golden brown and put the asparagus in. Salt and pepper to season. Set aside

    Just plop it all in one plate! Of course you can give it a bit of presentation if you'd like..


    Dip the bread in the oil and nom!