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  • Blaanid's quest hearth and homestead. isnt workin

    Talk to Blaanid in Dunbarton after gathering 10 Homestead Stones
    Get your Homestead to Lv. 3
    Place the Speedwell Blaanid gave you in your Homestead

    Those are the three requirements. If you failed to notice the third, that would be the easiest solution.
  • Rainbow Sprite no longer changes colors.

    What is the issue?
    The Rainbow Sprite no longer alternates colors from blue to orange to purple and instead remains blue permanently.

    What steps must be taken to recreate the issue?
    Summon a Rainbow Sprite and leave it out for a while.

    What do I expect to happen instead?
    The Rainbow Sprite, according to it's introduction page seen below, is supposed to change color with each passing day. While the exact time has never been disclosed, Rainbow Sprite pets have seemingly lost the ability to change color. This could be related to some issues with the Divine Link skill and the Sprite Pet, or with the increased level of the pet, or with changes to the hunger system. I don't believe age is the issue, since the recent introduction of free pet rebirths has confirmed this issue is not age-restricted.
  • Elsie Concerns Me

    ... Yikes. I thought Kanna was a little pushy but this takes the cake. The difference between the guys and the girls is as long as the English Channel for Baltane huh, because all I remember from Logan and Dai is that their dialogue reflects the status of your health, stamina, etc. Maybe I should start reading those mission updates...
  • "Pet Points" How to Acquire and Use?

    Ironically, there's only one menu in the game that tells you how to collect Pet Points: the menu that opens when you convert them over to your character. So the only way to know how to earn Pet Points is to have already earned them :I

    But yes, every 10 levels you get some, and I think it's 2x pet points right now. You're supposed to collect them on a pet and then convert them to your character so you can rebirth pets into new/upgraded benefits.
  • No more Fantastic Memory Bag Royal Pouches?

    Ironically the part of the screen that shows the pouches is cut off in your picture, as it should be at the bottom but the bar obscures it. Could you resize some windows and re-show us the image, if only to understand if the game has you marked down as supposed to having the pouches?