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  • Sword Art Online & Fate Stay Night???

    AsunaXRin wrote: »
    Honestly, I did. But I'm not really digging the progression mechanic. I mean I got to like lvl 41 and I barely got any increment of a few points across the stat board. Skills are a grindfest.(Tried to do blacksmith but still stuck at rank f) The only guy talking keep spamming something about gold over and over again and won't answer my question.

    You literally dove in head first to one of the hardest to rank skills in the game and second you were talking to a bot.
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  • About forums

    At the very least limit it to three per section, if you're making more than three threads in a single section you probably need to calm down anyway.
  • Last Post Wins

    Though it would be
  • Reforges reforged

    The Purpose of this update:
    Players have long complained about the power of reforges and the gaping hole of power between the average player and the wealthy. The goal of this update is to help close that gap by making them more reliable and more accessible to everyone.
    Tools reforged:
    • Reforging Tool: You cannot use it on items that have already been reforged. Can now reforge rank 3 items, has no chance of rank up or adding lines.
    • Credne's Reforging Tool: Has a 1.92% of ranking up rank 2 to rank 1. Has a 5% chance of ranking up to rank 1 from rank 2.
    New ways to reforge:
    • Precise reforging tool: Reforges over the selected reforge on an item. Has no chance of rank up and can be used on r2-r1 items. (3k~ Nx)
    • Artisan's Reforge Tool: Reforges the current reforge levels without changing the lines. Has no chance of rank up or adding new lines. (3k~ Nx)
    These new tools can be traded between players like the tools we have in game currently.
    Reforges for all:
    • Seal merchants now sell Fine reforging tools for 25 adventure seals each.
    • The commerce Imp now sells Fine Reforges Tools for 500k ducats.
    • Reforge Pieces that combine to form a Fine Reforging Tool now drops from elite shadow missions and hard mode dungeons.

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  • Last Post Wins

    Giegue wrote: »
    I'm definitely not here for reasons pertaining to #PostCount

    Sure 9dnGeIh.png