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August 14, 2001
  • Gender-less Cloths.

    Theres a lot of male clothing I wish I could use on my female characters. I'd love having genderless clothing. Maybe not for things like spaces briefs though lol. But being able to wear the male version of the winter knit wear, or something similar, I would love to be able to do. A lot of the skirts and dresses just dont appeal to me, but at the same time I want to remain female. They have eluned versions of some clothing, Im not sure why they couldnt simply make most things genderless. Im not familiar with the process though so it could be asking for too much. Afterall there is a LOT of genderlocked clothing.
  • [Announcement] Server Merge & FAQ

    Im not sure what a UI is but I do have characters on other servers with the same name. I dont care too much about losing any names. Im very concerned with how they will transfer my stuff though. Ive heard people say that they'll be taking stuff out of there dressing room to be safe but I dont have the inventory to do that. Ive thought about selling alot of things but I love so much of my items I cant do it. I like collecting things both clothing and just random items like umbrellas, instruments and those little stuffed animals in the bags. I like to collect funky robes and hats. Ive recently been getting quite a few of those large fans. I love all my items. Normally I wait till events to get pets for more inventory but pet creation is disabled. And I dont have anymore room for more bags in the character slot. Im not sure what to do.
  • [Announcement] Server Merge & FAQ

    Im not sure if this is a good question or not but will the items in my inventory, dressing room, and pets be safe? Should I screenshot all of my stuff as a precaution? If anything were to disappear, where do I go to ask for it back?