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  • F2P vs P2W / Server-RAM / Archer-Set / Questions

    Post a screenshot of your stats, no buffs, no divine link, no cater with preferred gear on, on the character you "carried" with I don't care what some random person said, you intentionally avoided what I said entirely. What I'm saying is I honestly don't believe you even cleared a single room, let alone the entire first floor. Especially without link, and in welfare gear. How long were you in there? 3 years? Mage is really slow in phantasm unless you're using blaze, and I find it downright impossible that you cleared as much as you're claiming.
    Habimaru wrote: »
    and getting through to nearly the end of the first floor
    Habimaru wrote: »
    duo'd until reaching a mini-succubi room
    So which one is it? Because those 2 things are worlds apart. The second one is basically saying you cleared 2 rooms
    Habimaru wrote: »
    where the average Rank of any Enchants is like a B (maybe I have one or two pieces of equipment with Enchants above Rank A)
    You don't even understand how enchants work. Higher rank doesn't mean better.
    Habimaru wrote: »
    rooms in a manner as to avoid getting multi-agro'd
    That's not how aggro even works in phantasm, the whole room aggros you almost instantly, and without link you'd get thrashed.

    Since you confirmed that your icebolt can't kill elite mobs in KotRT, your magic damage is probably really low unless you spent an hour a room in phantasm, there's no way at all.

    EDIT: Just for clarity purposes, since you seem to struggle with that

    Step 1: Push C in game, or whatever button you have bound to open you character sheet (Or if you unbound the keybind, click it)
    Step 2: Using a screenshot program, steam screenshot function (F12 or printscreen by default), or even a cell phone picture of your monitor, capture the character information window (THIS PART IS IMPORTANT!!!)
    Step 3: upload it where ever you like
    Step 4: Link it here so people can see it
  • F2P vs P2W / Server-RAM / Archer-Set / Questions

    You know what, I really don't believe that someone said thank you to you, for carrying in phantasm. Post a screenshot of your stats, no buffs, no divine link, no cater with preferred gear on, on the character you "carried" with. Also ice bolt works in elite if you have good magic attack, which you don't. Using so many words indicates you don't know what you're talking about, so you obfuscate it with filler. This time slightly racist filler too.
  • F2P vs P2W / Server-RAM / Archer-Set / Questions

    Alright here's a challenge for you. Reply using only 150 words or less, instead of hitting with walls of text that are mostly meaningless text.

    A zombie in tech has a massive amount more prot/def and doesn't take damage from ele reforges for one, so no comparing it to KotRT isn't similar. The way you compare things is cherry picking data using your same base of KotRT shuriken auto attacks won't miss and will kill the wolves just as fast. Does this mean shuriken auto attacks are better than human archery? According to you yes. This is why your comparisons don't work. If you're comparing things IN END GAME YOU NEED TO BE USING IT IN END GAME otherwise you end up with statements like shuriken auto attacks are better than magnum spam.

    And you keep saying damage per hit then right after dps, those are entirely different things. Ping doesn't do anything for per hit damage, because it's measure a singular hit. You know, per hit? Dps or Damage per second is a measure of damage done over a period of time then averaging it you guessed it, per second. Mag spam dps is cut by ping, because kr players fire mags almost 50% faster.

    See here's the biggest issue, you don't know what is endgame at all, and come off as rather arrogant about it too. Tech isn't the "so-called" endgame it is the endgame. As I said above who cares if AR is better at killing enemies that shuriken autos will kill faster vs mag? It's easy content you can use icebolts to clear it.

    This is an mmo. The majority of archers are elves, because it's better. You're not a genius that's going to discover some secret trick to outperform everyone else, because someone else would've found it first since we're 6 months behind KR, they discover everything first.
  • F2P vs P2W / Server-RAM / Archer-Set / Questions

    You're grasping at straws, and technicalities, and even flinging mud just to be like "Aha I was right all along?!" Yet you're still wrong.

    "P2W Elven-Archery has the highest per-hit DPS"

    per hit dps? Word fluff that makes you sound pretentious and doesn't make sense. It's also wrong, giants have that because NA ping limits how fast you can mag spam even if you lived in the server room.

    There's no separation between p2w and f2p gear, there's just cheap gear and expensive gear. Players who don't spend a dime can get to endgame status, although it takes a lot longer. You don't stand out as a "f2p" player, just a player that doesn't know how to make gold.

    Giants also have the most expensive gear set too, as erg50 perseus knuckles cost the same, if not more as fully gearing an elf. Please stop trying to have discussions about endgame when you're clueless about it. And yes, this topic does bother you or this wouldn't be your 2nd entirely new thread about it.
  • PSA : How to tell if you need to re-start client..

    Lutetium wrote: »
    Habimaru wrote: »

    Unrelated again, it only moves if you move it.
    Habimaru wrote: »
    What... I already have 32GB DDR3 SD-RAM on my system (both of my currently assembled Desk-Top PCs). Yes, I am aware that DDR4 exists, and that there are literal Gaming Laptops that have 128GB RAM, but I am far too much of a frugal cheap-skate to play the «Jones'» game...

    I told you in the other thread the client is a 32 bit executable it doesn't matter what your total system memory is it will crash around 3.3~GB of RAM usage give or take and creep closer to that the more characters, maps, and inventory sprites you load because the garbage collection isn't working.
    It doesn't matter if you have 32GB of cheap second hand Xeon server ram or 4TB of business expense like my dual EPYC 7601 workstation, the Mabinogi client is a 32 bit application and is subject to the limitations that come with that fact.

    Don't waste your time trying to argue with him, he'll just hit you with 17 paragraph reply on how people interact or some garbage, and totally deflect the whole argument. Didn't you know, his personal anecdote means human archery is better than elf archery? Obviously by this statement you know his personal anecdote has perfect <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<accur acy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ignoring the hard set limitations of computing