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  • Nexon please, allow us to change race

    my favourite part about these forums is all the end game discussion when there's almost no one here who is even close to endgame. Human archery is better than elf archery? What reality is that from? Humans are the weakest race right now, then again it's not like anyone here actually runs the content they talk about.
  • General progression

    Greta wrote: »
    bubafatboy wrote: »
    I've decided to no life mabi once again but the last time i played was when shyllien and hilliwen came out so im a bit unsure on what i should be focusing on and how to progress. I also learned about the server merge, and i tend to whale a bit since i do like selling and buying stuff, hows the economy for both server if i may ask?

    There are fears of decline on Alexina after the merge, but still not enough data to prove if there is a true decline.

    No proof because you aren't from Alexina, but as Alexinian i can surely tell it became more dead with each month and it's hitting records of decline more and more i'm pretty sure.

    Now you know how we felt.

    But only slightly.

    To truly feel the sting, you need to experience it for a good few years.

    In every thread you have something snarky to say, can you go one day without posting some passive aggressive crap? This time it's not passive aggression, but you're gatekeeping or even being vengeful against a community that had no say in merge/population that wishes for this already mostly dead game to be less dead. You're so bent on making them "suffer the same" that you'd rather watch the game die. You'll end up bitter and alone if you don't drop the edgy "I'm always right" mindset.
    Wolfsinger wrote: »
    You two are part of the doomsayers, aren't you? :P

    Economy is a bigger mess than it used to be but that's already been covered. Hope you enjoy your return though and good luck to you

    It's not really doom saying, steam charts is the only indicator of player count we have, and it has been steadily dropping. With g24 only adding the same AAHM dungeon just with 10x hp mobs as new content no one is going to stick around.
  • Darrig event drop rates.

    spent a total of 22k coins, one darrig box and the rest hammers/pots. This event is total trash. There's been one title won on alexina and that's it.
  • NaO SeRveR PoPUlaTIon WiLL bE SimILaR tO aLeXiNA

    Xaden wrote: »
    Nope, But i can tell either way alexina is barely dead 5 shop in dunby square? you guys must be blessed compared to our servers premerg, u might've seen 5 shop in ch 1 dunby during the whole month in dunby, you may have seen 5 shops in Belvast! on a good week. partys? what partys ;D, and if you needed 2 other people for your daily sms have fun waiting for a few hours and never never never running girg raids because nobody was ever there. you don't know dead, stop acting like you know what a dead server, Save the whales, because Alexina is doing fine.

    "I can tell alexina isn't dead because I logged into it once" ea0f325b6a08271d95f71fa26179cc14.png

    Are you on the hasidim discord? The girg discord? Even the raid server? The other servers while less than alexina still ran that content. Using the market square as comparison is kind thonk as well because no one uses it regardless with the auction house.
  • is the paid name change soon

    Greta wrote: »
    so reports of ppl were able get name change even tho they didnt have +name in there name


    This is official forums, that's not needed here.