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  • Elf Update?

    Zebadiah wrote: »
    see heres the thing, Giants though not as powerful as humans End Game.(due to dark knights lasting forever with cloud pets or party heal)

    lmao this is all you need to read before you can stop.
  • Which Combat Talents Feel The Most Awesome to You?

    Ciri wrote: »
    Nomnomnoms wrote: »
    Man, for the longest time I felt like I was the only one who really loved this combo XD.

    I love Battle Alchemy, but it always felt a little clunky in comparison to the newer skillsets that came out. Now my favorite thing to do is find a clump of baddies, death mark a guy in the center, then flame burst that sucker to vaccum all the baddies into the flame burst, then alternate flame burst and spinning slasher until they're all dead. Super satisfying, haha.

    Right!? #MakeAlchemyGreatAgain

    Alchemy has one of the highest potential damage outputs in the game...
  • The "Everyday Sneakers", which shoe inspired it?

    Qnaug wrote: »
    MabiIn2k19 wrote: »
    Why would people ever buy designer shoes. They look like garbage 90% of the time as well as they function the same as $20 walmart shoes with a $10 sole insert but cost $300+
    why do people eat foods when all they need is some nutritions, $4 mcdouble got ur day covered
    Mcdonalds doesn't serve food, they serve processed trash with next to no nutritional value. Per serving it's also a lot more expensive than cooking at home.
  • This is why the saga had great writing.

    Aigis wrote: »
    I'm going to just necro post since I don't really give a crap about this entire forum and thank each and every one of you for your perspective now that I viewed this a month or two later. I will not address each post individually as it would take me hours, how ever your views are all.. mostly.. insightful, and I honestly appreciate each an every long detailed criticism and perspective on the story elements of the saga as both criticism to my own view and constructive alternate positions that point out the various flaws in my own perspective. Keep in mind I intentionally ignored the hot garbage elements of the saga in my post including the token character aces considering that they were honestly just horrible writing at first in my post, because they are not worth addressing any further than that. I have been taking it easy on the writers simply due to the fact that at the time they were still learning how to make the story blend. I believe as of now they have efficiently mastered, as much as one could expect, how to make "Mabinogi" feel like "Mabinogi" story wise. The writing of the story for the purpose it served was fantastic when you ignore the unnecessary elements that essentially only pad out the plot, I'm keeping that opinion, how ever the other perspectives and insight into how other people viewed it is very nice to have. On that note, I will not apologize for the necro, but I will wish you all a pleasant time. I will very likely not peek into this forum again for a very long time.

    tl:dr the writing is good if you ignore the bad parts. kisspng-emoji-emoticon-thought-smiley-sticker-thinking-man-5ab51405ecc615.6280992915218165819698.jpg
  • The "Everyday Sneakers", which shoe inspired it?

    Why would people ever buy designer shoes. They look like garbage 90% of the time as well as they function the same as $20 walmart shoes with a $10 sole insert but cost $300+