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  • Cursed Item Shop Game

    Helsa wrote: »
    The Katana of Fakename (pronounced Fah Kay Nah May): embues the hold with supreme confidence that they can defeat any situation because it makes them believe that Katanas are so awesome you could even charge a machine-gun nest, over an open field, successfully, so the user need not roll versus panic.

    The wielder of The Katana of Fakename automaticly falls into a drunken status like if they just had 70 bottles of Sake in one go, making the wielder to believe they are having an epic fight when in reality they just look like a drunk person swinging a katana randomly.
  • Cursed Item Shop Game

    Your cola is cursed. Despite everything you say after drinking it is true, no one will believe you.

    Is this how this game works?

    Yes, You pretty much need to "ruin" other people cool items into annoying/useless items.

    and after you do that you make your own cool item and wait for someone to ruin it.
  • Cursed Item Shop Game

    Helsa wrote: »
    Maybe an example of the follow-up step would help.

    Every time you drink from The Coca Cola of Truth, you won't be able to sleep for 24hrs and every sip after that it doubles (24hrs > 48hrs > 96hrs...) The idea is to give it some kind of Monkey's Paw effect.
  • The Event Burn Is Real


    The real problem that i see with most of the events is that the devs think that we have 6+ hours to play video games (or AFK) after being done with work and finally getting home around 8-10 PM
    WolfsingerSherriRadiant DawnpawcalypseGreta
  • Your most nostalgic/best memory of mabinogi

    When I finally was "rich" enough to buy my 2 first gladius swords and FULL Arish Ashuvain armor set qwq