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언제 해주실거에요 프리미엄 서비스 리뉴얼 흑흑


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  • Dorcha crystals

    Jazmyn wrote: »
    Do you have to get these in order, or are these all an optional way to get them? I'm not doing chain skills yet, so I dont know how the quest reads.
    Don't have to be in order. I got my 5th while doing other quest. But I believe you need to possess skill quest in order to get, I think. As far as I know(KR), these are the only option to obtain crystals.
  • Dorcha crystals

    1st - Coil Abyss chest
    2nd - Ancient Mob or Succubus Fiend
    3rd - Cobh Fishing or Cavern Lord chest << Convoy chest also drops >>
    4th - Fleta Sells for 50k on ETC tab
    5th - Uladh Dungeon deadend chest
    6th - Silva Forest Hornets

    All these are RNG drop have kinda low rate, but not extremely low, except 4th that Fleta sells.
    Like one of my friend got 1st Crystal from first run, I did not get any until about 26th runs.

    Also, consider your CP as well if you are doing mob hunt for drop.... there's gonna be many people at Silva Forest now.

    +It's kinda funny people saying "Why would you share info with others" on discord.. It is because I'm not blind at gold/money and selfish. I know it will be really harder to obtain something like 6th crystal and saying 'you could post it after some people like who have high CP get those first'... you know that's called 'being selfish'. Let newbies make some money I guess who have lower CP for better drop rate. I don't really care. I can work on other skills and event meanwhile :3c
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  • How's New Talent ?

    It's not even out yet.
  • PSA: Do not sell the celtic chain blade coupon

    Luckily, Tarlach is blessed with a god of a blacksmith.

    Praise the CraftGod.

    I mean for real for those who don't know this person. All mastered, all dan 3'd, all those godly reforges, craft quality enchants and title. After all, he's very nice to everyone who request for crafting. Such a nice guy.
  • Easier Dan tests

    Sense, Determination, Experience. (And some sort of trick that people don't really know)

    Enough of these can break that wall of RNG, for real. People who have watched my Human Magnum Dan 3 Test were calling that I was depending on luck too much. I intend to miss for Urgent Shot sometimes so... I've been playing Mabinogi as archer since G1 and had not much issue with Dan 3 even though myself is human race. Buuuuuuuuuut, still required a lot of gold; about like 10? 14? tries I think. So it's not really 'impossible' just because of RNG/Luck. I'm really tired of these people who complain about 'RNG' yet they still buy bunch of RNG related stuffs, such as reforges, gachas, and enchants.

    If there's a problem then it's only that connection speed problem. Myself lives in CA so I cannot really say anything about it. Even with fast enough speed, I was kinda struggling with that RNG so I cannot imagine how bad it is for those who live far away or even outside of states. Making Dan Test a little easier than current sounds okay but not too much though. What they could do is adjusting some points, slightly, Just as they did to Defense Dan Test (they didn't give us much bonus points for left over HP when it first came out) or adding some bonus points for certain action/conditions. Extending time is just way too much for making it easier because even a minute or 30 sec can influence a lot of stuffs.

    Soooo, making Dan Test easy for extending, I would say no.
    For adjusting Dan Test's action/condition points, I would say yes.

    Most annoying thing for me was setting up hotkey over and over again....