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Went back 3 KR Gachapon pages with still to be released or currently released adding in text: Disclaimer: Certain Content May Or May Not Make IT To NA Right Away


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  • Get this lootbox out of my game, Senator Hawley?

    Has there been anyone who either is supportive or playing the devil's advocate on lootboxes? I feel that all this is too one-sided.

    It's rather difficult to find someone who can agree that gambling is fine, especially with the legal and age restrictions within physical casinos.

    Which is why I oppose to one-sidedness on resolving issues. Usually the end result will be one of regret.

    I'll have to see if anything noteworthy of counter argument pops up as I browse Youtube or Google.
    But for now, the general consensus is that if the UK video game industry cannot present statistical evidence against this loot box monopoly, parliament will could take that as an admission of guilt, and pass restrictions or similar anti (child targeting) loot box laws to Belgium.
    (18 Month warning, as previously established.)
    Of course, as an ongoing case, no one in the public (aside from press) has access to that data just yet.

    Here's a year old video by GameSpot:

    Disclaimer: This video contains crude language unapproved by Nexon

    Here's some videos by Extra Credits relative to loot box arguments:

    The following video may be why loot boxes seem more tempting and lucrative as opposed to a standard Cash Shop:

    Meanwhile, in the Mabinogi Auction House economy:

  • Something is going on at Nexon HQ from news

    So if trade wars are 2019's biggest problem, what'll 2020 bring?
    If Nexon were a small company, I'd be worried.
    But with the whole publicity of the tax evasion thing, there's bound to be some implications on any outreach to future collaborations.
    Well, I mean Nexon's reach on the mobile market looks well set and fine for the moment, but PC gaming is more or less going to change from loot box drama.
    There's not much else to do, other than wait out the immaturity of both sides.
    (inb4 another problem arises...)
    In all reality, a work around could be for everyone to export from the UK at this point.
    Though it seems like a costly and rather stupid idea, now that I just said it.
  • Something is going on at Nexon HQ from news

    I would say that the ongoing trade disputes have really turned off buyer's appetites. Whatever remained of the bidders Netmarble and a few financial companies basically presented Kim with, look you don't have another choice. Well, Kim fights back and says, I do have another choice, I'll keep the company for now. I don't have to give it to you.

    I think the biggest disappointment has been the failure to draw more interest. No interest from Japanese firms, when Disney said no, that led to other giant US media companies like Comcast to also drop out. I think Tencent saw this and also analyzing China's current disputes with the US and Korea on trade, decided now wasn't the time to make the move.

    Ultimately, in the next 5 years, NXC is probably better off on its own in my opinion.

    I'd have to agree, this was a very bad time to start a company auction.
    Between higher taxes from China turning off potential consumers, and the continued decline of loot box profitability due to gambling controversy brought to courts across the globe, you'd be seeing this as rather dumb to risk the chance of a high valued loss.
    You add on the regulations that Japan has on the bid as well, and it's just more paperwork to file at the end.

    Disney had to say no, since the public press has been giving them far too much backlash after Marvel and Star Wars acquisitions.
    Their own parks even have to hyper inflate stock in order to keep new stock rolling in, so they're more likely to invest in more land or production locations. Added onto Disney's list of mistakes is dropping in house video game studios, leaving their property to a company who they never researched (EA), and never once thinking of further charitable use of Club Penguin.
    Not only have they thrown away a profitable copyright (Club Penguin) on a financial whim, they then proved this auction was never on the financial table through the press record of their own spending this year alone.

    Tencent being a China based company makes complete sense as to bow out, as America continues to childishly throw tantrums.

    The only likely companies who would ever bid on Nexon wouldn't even have the money to buy at full stock market value.
    It's why no one ever sees games from Canada, (such as DE's Warframe) as ever any good profit wise.
    Kim seems to know how much money is required to keep NXC running in another company's hands, which is likely why he didn't like the bidders. They're likely able to afford auction price, but not capable of handling the additional investments that would come afterwards.
    (New hardware, all of NXC service locations, ect.)

    Nexon has money, they have multiple branches, but most importantly... they have studio size.
    I can agree that NXC is better off solo while they let Nexon continue to build healthier and more market competitive games.
    (Such as Rocket Arena and Peria Chronicles.)
    Everything will be fine, so long as Kim is able to entrust the company with someone who can be the visionary for a new kind of virtual market.
    (And physical market, with the addition of NXMH as one of the NXC subsidiaries.)
    Norwegian Premium Baby Products Specialist

    Oh..... I'm starting to understand why Kim wanted Disney or someone as rich and diverse like Disney to handle NXC.
    It would appear that NXC is more than Nexon games to Korea, it includes some level of life style and physical merchandise.
    (Something that not all video game companies are qualified for, per say.)


    It is the first virtual currency exchange established in Korea. It can deal with 12 types of digital assets.

    Oh, yeah... now this makes total sense.

    It is the oldest exchange in Europe which started trading at the end of August 2011. It is based in Slovenia, England and Luxembourg.

    Oh.... help.
    The kind of financial power NXC has is the last thing Disney should be plotting to save up for, but also the first thing they'd want to invest in.
    Great power, great responsibility... sheesh, no wonder he wanted a big competition.

    SOHO Bricks
    A company that researches and develops quality bricks for brick play for creativity

    I 100% would not mind seeing LEGO comment on their thoughts of the bid, but they don't appear to speak too highly of themselves.

    The world's largest online community where you can freely purchase and sell brick sets and brick-related parts, and utilize various brick design tools such as Stud.io and Mosaic for free

    Yes, LEGO would likely give anything to have something like this in their pockets.

    *Double Edit
    Wait.... is this actually LEGO KR?! Woah... just woah.
    No way, there are actually Bricklink stores in the USA!
    A LEGO forum and trade site, I can't... hold my shock mug please.
    *LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this site.
    But- wha? Why not? Why haven't they made an offer for this yet?
    (inb4 Kim's last hope is LEGO making an offer for one of the NXC subsidiaries- Everything is awesome!)
  • Teleport To Party Member Button

    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    Family summon's still exist.

    It does? I haven't been in a family tree for years, so I wouldn't know for certain.
    According to Nexon's guide:
    Additionally, the father of the family has the power to summon any family member to their current location.

    So not quite all the family members can summon one another.
  • [COMPLETED] Forum Maintenance - June 20th

    Gaea wrote: »
    You know that's not happening. They don't have time or patience to moderate that. Plus their original intention long ago was to offer avatars to those who "earned" it. You know how that would go; favoritism, ext. 9dnGeIh.png

    So nope. No custom avatars, no custom titles, no signatures, no NUA's. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    Honestly it's better this way and you know it because we all know how it would go down. :|

    As for this maintenance...sanitization.

    To be fair, KR's Free Board (Forums) appear to utilize the guild system to show igns, title, and server, and your ign character as an avatar.
    Three hours may not be the time required to implement such a project, but then again... you never know.
    Hopefully we get it some time by 2020.