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Went back 3 KR Gachapon pages with still to be released or currently released adding in text: Disclaimer: Certain Content May Or May Not Make IT To NA Right Away


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August 29, 1996
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"Darkpixie99 of Tarlach. You got any problems with my shop, you just leave me a note."
  • Get this lootbox out of my game, Senator Hawley?

    How so? Activision right now specializes in subersive advertisment and owns many copyrights to these methodologies where as EA is more blagrant with theirs but still employs subversive tactics such as giving the Gacha weapon special focus

    Exactly why they will manipulate things to their advantage. In the end, others will slowly drop out of the market, and like all things seem to be this era, the market run by oligopolies.

    I had to find a virtual dictionary, was not disappointed.
    The sad state of business is that Gaia Online had great consumer relations until a certain founding staff member quit.
    (He was like a god, he was that amazing and genius.)
    The guys they sold the site to ruined a virtual player made market to the point of no return to the golden age.
    The loot boxes got a company wide ban upon the staff member's return, and Gaia Online is now back to being a manageable player economy.
    Yet it doesn't change a company face, where an old marketing team allowed virtual hyperinflation with the RNG gachapon nature of literal recolored pixel items. You win some battles, but there are some people's hearts (and money) who can't be won back.
    If more companies continue to spit out the same loot box song and dance, players will mature and grow to realize the impact it has on everyone.
    Nexon has had eleven years, and yet it hasn't budged an inch from where it's marketing team last left off. (gachapon adverts)
    If you can't invent new marketing strategies, then you can't progress as a business.
    If they can't handle a legal 50 state wide ban on loot box systems, then maybe they should actually work and study harder.
    Monopolies got illegalized due to money and power being abused, so if that's how the government will view the loot box industry... then that's just how it is. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, end of story. (Hopefully in the Supreme Court.)

    I may have failed to mention the loot boxes that Gaia Online's former employees/foreign overlords added, included randomized gold generators within the RNG item list. The gold generator loot boxes were removed immediately, and it was the currency generators that were strictly prohibited for virtual sale. I believe the loot box mechanic remained as a single randomized item from a visible list after code revisions, just in far less advertisement. It used to have the same massive advertisement spam and virtual market impact that you see in modern loot box "economies." (Steady player market value deflation with paying player base rise, heavy inflation with paying player base decline.)
    You could probably compare the Tarlach server's economy from 2014-2019 to prove my theory of loot box virtual market inflation/deflation.
    (With the addition of lootbox advertisements and the RNG factor.)
  • Peria Chronicles FINALLY

    Looks like 2.5 D animation.

    I believe the term is 2D 3D. Get it? Two dimensional three dimensions?
    Ah art, how we love to bask in your brain tricks.
  • Peria Chronicles FINALLY

    Gaea wrote: »
    Thank you for all these posts, you have been very informative. <3

    No problem! Not sure if Google Translate is much help, though.
    Should be plenty of Youtube videos of KR live streamers going through the test tutorial.
    (If anyone managed to apply for the test with a KR account.)

    Here's a seven hour one:
    Should be enough, right?
    *Disclaimer: I have no idea what he's saying, and I'm not responsible for if anyone underage and bilingual catches a word Nexon might not approve of.
    -You can skip to 49:43 if you don't want the customization to be spoiled.
    -Emotes at 2:21:42

    I can't help but laugh at how a guy like him is spending as much time customizing his character as a girl would.
    Pretty sure he compared it to Mabinogi at some point.

    Holy Snapple, there are
    Tattos! Wings! Tails!

    Wait, so this guy said a bit of English... "OMG Peria, yeah." So that explains the bit of English text on the KR webpage.
    Is it like a trend to say English, though? Like how NA is filled with JP phrase slinging anime nerds or something.
  • Peria Chronicles FINALLY

    That should be it. No more giant post stacks for now.
    Again, Kirana do not appear to have rarities, nor has there been a Cash Shop announced for testing. (To my knowledge.)
    Acquisition methods and locations are listed in the guide, and Elements have been described to the best of Google Translate.
    "In this Pioneer test, you can meet 75 different Kirana in addition to the three
    Safura kiranas, so please contract with Kiranada to experience various activities in the world of Ferry."

    "You can acquire the Kirana's soul at a certain probability when you deal with Kirana in the following area, and you can contract with the soul with the contract material."
    This could mean that they intend for every Kirana in this test to be completely F2P upon launch.
    If this is the case, then it's a big, giant step for Nexon KR.
    Hopefully the dungeons and terrain prove to be interesting enough for their audience, so we can get it too.
    Until then, we only have the Pioneer Guide info to keep us entertained.
  • Peria Chronicles FINALLY


    Update, update, updated official webpage!
    There appears to be some English text there as well...
    It seems to be a very common thing KR has been doing as their NA audience hypes up for global release dates.
    We have 3 Coming Soon and 1 Introduction Icons.
    There are also the dates for what appears to be a CBT (or Pioneer test), 5/9-5/12, which is today on their side of the planet.
    The chat log is gone, and the Coming Soon pages are all locked.

    Note: The official Peria Chronicles Facebook account has been updated as well.