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  • Repair/Revise G1 through G3

    Exactly as the title says. I've recently revisited the first three generations for the first time since 2008, and I remember a *lot* of what G1-G3 used to be. The streamlining effort they implemented really does not do any favours to the storylines - entire sections are disjointed or skipped over, some conversations are interrupted by cutscenes, and if I hadn't already known most of the content from memory I'd be completely confused about what's going on.

    I mean, it's not like I feel the storylines for G1, G2, or G3 are super complex or nuanced, but there's a whole load of information about Tir Na Nog and Macha and other stuff that's fun to hear from the NPCs, and the info really adds a lot of context with regard to those things' importance in the story. The currently-implemented changes have made G2 much harder to follow - "Ancient Wisdom? Huh? Is there, like, more you can tell me, or...???" Most of that sort of information is locked behind keywords you'll never use, because in the course of a single story-progressing conversation it will skip the part where you'd even get the keyword to ask about it.

    The original G1, G2, and G3 storylines relied a lot on the use of keywords for story progression, and when it's not the keywords it's a player's activity in following through with some task or other. As they were originally implemented, the first three Generations were kind of hard to sit through, but at least they were fleshed out to almost the same degree as some the newer Generation content. As they are now though, they misrepresent the later storylines' quality to new players, and seem duct-taped together compared to every Generation after.

    I don't really propose a rebalance or change in difficulty (though this may be necessary given new characters' massive level boost early on - I'm sure a lot of other people already made threads about that!), but I feel there should be a definite list of what needs fixing or revising for G1, G2, and G3. There are some generalised things that I think need fixing across all three Generations, as well as some stuff I'd like to see that's a little more subjective (Looking at you, G2)...

    General fix ideas:
    -Reworked translations/dialogue to account for changes to storyline progression

    -Re-implement certain dungeons, such as the G2 Fiodh run, or otherwise account for their absence or inclusion in storyline dialogue

    -Fix certain cutscene start timers, such as some of Morrighan's cutscenes, to avoid interrupting the conversations that trigger them

    Special fix requests:
    -Create a keyword use requirement (e.g., use a keyword x amount of times in dialogue) before directing players to the next storyline NPC,
    --Or allow the keywords from a storyline to accumulate and remain in the conversation journal until the Generation is completed, so players can see what NPCs say about those topics at their leisure.

    -Restore Price's original quest chain, or some form of it, so he's not jumping from "Oh fine I'll check out that thing" to "I spoke to my merchant contact on your behalf" in the same 10 minutes of conversation dialogue, and it's spaced out between meetings with him.

    -Additionally, set up Price like the Prophet or Lassar or other NPCs from the newer generations, and have him wait around at a predetermined spot so players don't have to worry about his travel cycles interrupting quest dialogue during G2 and G3.

    -Tweak the lead-up to the Elf/Giant transformations so they make more sense for G2, or re-implement some form of the older Elf/Giant transformation quests somehow; add some dialogue or something that'd make them fit in better. I dunno. They feel crammed in.

    Worth noting: when the changes to G1 through G3 were implemented, anyone who hadn't completed the 'legacy' versions of those storylines could still continue without being pushed to the new version of each Generation - so a lot of the now-missing content was still present in-game, and might still be there to use for any future changes to G1, G2, and G3.

    There's probably a lot more that'd be nice to see, I might think of some other stuff later. Anyone else have anything to add?
  • Divine Knights sequence-break/prerequisite broken

    I've made a new character on my account meant for a livestream run of the main storyline starting with G1, and the starting quest for Divine Knights, 'Sense of Loss', doesn't adhere to the 'cumulative level 800' prerequisite.

    The character is Kalxbroc, on the Nao server.

    Instead, as soon as I reached cumulative level 20 or so on the character (I wasn't keeping complete track of it at the time), the questline became active.

    I haven't started the first Generation on the character so it's not gotten in the way of the stream yet, but because it takes priority over other quests that involve talking to Duncan I can't just ignore it since 'Sense of Loss' has a higher priority than other quests: For example, talking to Duncan for '[Guide] Building Renown' will instead activate his dialogue for the 'Sense of Loss' quest. Presumably the quest would cut in line and get in the way of quests like G1's 'The Snowy Hills of Sidhe Sneachta', which really breaks sequence, and would be a bit disruptive regardless if it's being live-streamed or just through normal gameplay.

    As can be seen, the character has a cumulative level of 23, despite the stated storyline prerequisite, and the quest is clearly active and marking Duncan as the next quest NPC.

    As a personal fix, it'd be nice to have the quest removed from this character, but more importantly it'd be great if the storyline activated when it's supposed to activate: after the character actually meets the prerequisite!
    Alternatively, it'd be neat to have some sort of 'Quest priority' system or a button on the Quest window that manually disables/enables a quest so it's not automatically overriding other dialogue when you talk to quest-related NPCs.
  • Fantastic Memory Event Issue

    The morning of Day 12, I finally got my Day 10 fruit and stamp. I really hope they extend the event a few days more just so folks who lost 2 days because of this bug can get their rightful prizes.

    ditto. I've got 12 days logged, and it's only now gotten the day 10 stamp.
  • Guilds

    tend to go it alone, though I used to run a few guilds back in 2009 to 2011-ish. Since then it's been easier just dropping into SMs as a random, help out where I can. I've kinda never felt great feeling obligated to always perform consistently well with guildies and the like every time I log in. Thinking to get back to running one sometime though, enjoyed the atmosphere and having a group to run with.