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Last Active
  • What's Your Personal Mabi Goal?

    My goal at the start of this Master Plan event was to get my remaining skills to rank 1 by the end of it. Aside from a few elusive books, I am on track to meet that goal.
  • Mabinogi Campfire Announcements from Dec 1st Event

    On the subject of a server merge, I think the only way they would do it is all four servers being merged. Otherwise they'd just be postponing a second merge between what is left sometime in the future. Imagine being the person who has to change their name multiple times, once for each time they do a merge.
  • Halloween Villains' Bran

    Bran is the name of the final boss of the Romeo and Juliet storyline in Mabinogi. Bram Stoker is the author of Dracula. I suggest that the new NPC for the Halloween Villains Event have his name changed from Bran to Bram. Then he wouldn't have his name shared with an already existing Mabinogi monster and would have a name that fits with the Halloween theme. We had a localization thread already on Belvast/Belfast so it's possible his name was intended to be Bram from the beginning.

    - Caissa, Alexina server
  • Black Spiders (HM) and Vintage Swordsmanship

    "Is the wiki correct?" isn't really a question the GMs should be commenting on, in my opinion. Otherwise they'd be asked to correct every error and information gap in the entire thing.
  • Hype event gives less than what it says.

    A lot of us noticed a few days ago that it seems to list the total prizes rather than how many you get at each point. My theory is that it was originally supposed to work like the Chain Reaction coins from Chain Slash update where it gives a final reward based on total number of coins but was at some point changed to the incremental quests instead.