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  • Let's do it! Time for us to declare our «Re-Vamps»

    Redo ALL the skills except for Chain Slash's skills and Spirit Awakening skills. Most of them need major updates.
  • Natural Dye Crafting Request.

    I personally think they should just make all the dyes and dye ampoules like the specific dye ampoules that let you select the color you want and can change to that color. Make it like MS Paint's color selection where you can put the color as whatever you want (Anything within the game's limitations of course). I've hated the dye system since day 1 I started playing this game. I've said this for years that we should just be able to customize the colors ourselves.

    I would say something like this is what we should be able to do using with clothes using dye ampoules to allow us to customize our clothes rather than forcing us to try and rng to find the right dye color:


  • We need mysterious reforges

    They need to redo the reforge system entirely honestly. Simply adding a new reforge isn't enough. The entire system is broken and needs an overhaul. Since the game in current years has mostly relied on people having these OP reforges, those of us that don't have them are getting left behind.
  • Duel Wielding Idea for Elves

    Or they could let elves duel wield wands. They could incorporate a fusion bolt chain cast when used with two chaincasting wands, or make it where someone can chain cast intermediate magic (AKA using two ice wands would let an elf charge two or more charges of ice spear).

    I think that would be an interesting way of giving elves something unique. Since giants can dual wield maces, I think elves dual wielding wands would make sense.
  • Multiplayer Main Gen Quests

    Alshian wrote: »
    Leave everything alone in the Generation mainstream quests that are solo and just allow up to 2 players to join the fight and be disregarded from the storyline so that it will mean less work for you Devcat.

    That way the story resides around the party leader while the partymates are just "there" for the ride not shown in the story, that way players can have the MMO gameplay if they so choose.

    Wow. Sour much?

    Anyway... I'm sure they could find a way to make it worth people's while regardless. For example, they could reward players who help on these quests with rare items for their time in order to motivate players to want to help others.