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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.


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  • Ornac Events and Offerings

    Updated the first post with Herbstead information.

    Totally not super late.
  • Why did you turn on the servers on early

    Tayloreski wrote: »
    Ive given up on the event.. i was 1 gold coin away from getting #1. It already annoys me it doesnt correctly display what you get when you draw, then you have to get so many of the said amount to get the item? ...Its a in game gachupon, but worse. Then again guess thats fair since you arent paying a dollar for it..(Not really, just annoying you cant actually get anything -_-)

    Nah, it doesn't have anything to do with how many times you get to spend gold a day.

    Nexon just likes to tweak our noses by making the 'failed 6th attempt' always fall on the #1 prize icon.
  • On the Topic of the Windmill Skill

    nomigid15 wrote: »
    Between 'Chain Impale' and 'Dorcha Snatch' .. Nothing stood a chance!

    Oh, and those are Chain Blade skills, right? Well, that won't work out for me since A.) I'm a bit of an obsessive storyline wonk who hates doing mainstream quests out of order, and B.) I'd prefer to focus on Close Combat and not spread myself too thin on skills.

    As I alluded to in my last post...

    A ) Smash r1
    B ) Lullaby r1
    C ) Firebolt r1 with a CC+4 Firewand for the times you don't want to get close to your enemy.

    Those 3 skills alone are sufficient to carry a new player through almost any content they would reasonably be expected to face. Total AP cost of 444, maybe an hour or two to gather wand proficiency and upgrade it, another hour or two to rank the skills.

    Even the AP could be easily gathered within a day or two, given Talent AP bonuses and the Daily RB function for new players, to say nothing of the AP Nexon hands out like candy.

    No Generation quest lines required, or anything like them.

    Mabinogi has not been a hard game for years now, and the last thing we need is more skill training-nerfing and hand-holding. Within a few months, new players can do what would have taken years to accomplish when Mabinogi started.

    Also, seconding Hardmuscle's point about Bachram Boost.

    Edited because auto-emote in Nexon's forums.
  • New character name spelling is incorrect

    Eralea wrote: »
    Nooooooo don't add serifs, it will spoil a lot of names that subbed a capital I for a lowercase L (and OP's name would look even worse LOL).

    If they had serifs from the start then it would have been fair, but not after people have already used the capital I method to grab names that were already taken.

    That is fair enough, but for the record, I find it hilarious that your defense amounts to 'But if it's fixed now, all the people who chose to cheat the system and get an already taken name will look silly'.
  • New character name spelling is incorrect

    Wow, what an insurmountable problem Nexon is facin-