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Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.


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  • On the Topic of the Windmill Skill

    nomigid15 wrote: »
    an area you can easily reach in G1

    Define "easily". Reaching Tir Na Nog requires beating Barri Black, whereas some (like myself) can't even beat Barri Brown.

    Barri Black is a 1-floor iteration of Barri. The most threatening enemy in there is a Wisp, and unless they've changed it since I last went, it was not affected by the dungeon revamp.

    So, I guess I would define 'easily' as 'Something that anybody with r1 Smash and a decent rank in Lullaby can clear in 10 minutes'.


    Looking at the wiki again, it looks like Barri Black is actually easier than Barri Brown.
  • Why do people constantly insist that mabi is dying

    This is nothing new, and I do not mean that just in the sense of online games.

    No, it is nothing new to human society in general. The sentiment is, perhaps, as old as language itself is. For instance...

    "Do not say, "Why were the old days better than these?" For it is not wise to ask such questions." Ecclesiastes 7:10, purportedly per King Solomon, the book of Ecclesiastes purportedly being written circa 400 - 200 BCE.

    So, yeah.

    People have, quite literally, been complaining about the good old days for thousands of years. It is likely an inevitable consequence of a cycling population.
  • On the Topic of the Windmill Skill


    Your argument appears to be predicated on the difficulty a new player would have with ranking Windmill.

    The problem is, new players will necessarily be expected to have low CP.

    That means that a great many types of mobs will appear as Boss to them, even without CP-reducing items. One particularly useful instance of this would be the Zombies in Tir na Nog, an area you can easily reach in G1, the first major storyline. They have over 2,000 CP, and are quite useful for new players to satisfy their Combat Skill CP requirements on, having low HP (250), a slow movement speed, and as field mobs, a tendency to grow in number the more you defeat.

    Your issue, in reality, seems to be that you ranked the wrong skills up first, and boosted your CP too high, given that you mentioned using Tendering potions at all. Anybody who seriously plans to rank most or all of the skills in this game should start with the CP-dependent skills and move on to the other types later. Windmill, in particular, should be one of your very first skills you rank.

    If this is the case for you, I suggest a visit to Duncan to reset your skills to rF, and start again.

    As far as the training requirements themselves go, they are not anything special. In point of fact, you do not need to kill a single Boss-level enemy after r6 of Windmill, especially after the Baltane Mission update. Once you get to level 60, you can enter into the 'Nowhere to Run' mission. By default, every enemy in there gives at least 4,500 EXP (The Crystal Bear gives much more), and they are relatively weak. Getting to level 100 will net you a Training Experience multiplier of 1.5X, such that r4's 'Defeat Several Powerful Enemies', which would normally only give 75 Training Points, would give 112.5 Training Points.

    Given that the 'Defeat Several Powerful Enemies' requirement only requires you to kill 4 Powerful mobs in a single Windmill, you can set your Party Finish Rules to 'Anyone in the Party' so 'Finish' appears above them after you defeat them, pile the bodies up near each other, and Windmill them when you have 4 near each other.

    With the Talent boost X2 alone, this should only take you, maybe, 20 minutes per rank to do. The counts for this training requirement do not go above 40, which really means 20 with the talent, even if you don't have a 2X event going on (We do at the moment), any Combat Skill Training potions (They're common), or any Complete Skill Potions (Also common).

    Personally, I think the training requirements are too lax. Windmill is a great skill, and this trend towards allowing players to easily finish skills in under a day is getting ridiculous. Skills should take days, at minimum, to fully cap off.
  • Ornac Events and Offerings

    On June 3rd, Ornac will be hosting a Cosplay Contest. Some minor details are being finalized, but it will take place on the Tara Fashion Contest Runway after the Banquet.

    Stay tuned for more details.
  • Ornac Events and Offerings

    The winners of the 4th PvP Tournament were Sayake and Zybonic. They each received 3M in gold as their prize. We hope to see you at the next PvP Tournament, pending its formulation. Stay tuned.

    Another Herbstead has been completed; if you need Bloody Herbs, Sindelta's Homestead is now complete, so feel free to add them and take as much as you like.

    First post has been edited accordingly.