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  • Fusion Bolt

    Why not fusion with bare hands?

    That's impossible and it's still a huge step down from just chaincasting fire or lightning.
  • Lotboxes and Gambling

    FayeKaiba wrote: »
    Nothing because Gacha is not the same as loot boxes and the only people to blame is yourself if you buy gacha and you dont get something, that's not nexon's fault because you are not being promised something good. ALso doing Gacha is not gambling, if you are at the point were you can't control yourself, that's not nexon's fault.

    I mean you can say all trading cards/blind bags are gambling and no one is whining over them.

    A few things wrong with this post:

    1. Gachapons and loot boxes are the same in everything but name alone.
    2. In the most literal sense possible, gachapon is indeed gambling:
    3. Plenty of people are indeed "whining" over this

    4. The fact that people can choose not to make a purchase does not mean that providing that choice isn't potentially harmful, nor that nothing should be done about people taking that choice to their own detriment; hence why gambling laws, alcohol consumption laws, drug restrictions etc. exist.

    All this isn't to say that Nexon must or will stop using gachapons, but it's recently become an issue that's hard to ignore. I believe the OP was trying to address this, but didn't do so very clearly.
  • Should I use another spirit weapon?

    If you're using a spirit weapon in the hope that it will be effective, then spirit cylinders are pretty much the only ones that aren't very directly outclassed by regular weapons and that's only for hydra/rain. For a cheap bow, you may as well get a cheap Black Dragon Knight bow instead of raising a spirit weapon.
  • Increase Attack Damage

    If you want to hit harder as a warrior, then start by focusing on your warrior skills.

    You seem to have left combat mastery and critical hit at low ranks. These are probably the two most important skills in the game in terms of damage and they're easy to rank up too.

    Don't worry too much about skill CP, only 2 skills can ever actually directly contribute to your CP at any point int time. Stat CP is what really counts long term and that's most significantly affected by strength and HP. If you want to get noticeably stronger without affecting your CP, better equipment's the way to go, but I don't know how affordable that is for you right now.

    Honestly though, not being able to take more than 3 hits from goblins isn't that bad at your level, and familiarising yourself with the game's mechanics will help you improve a lot faster than ranking life skills for stats.
  • Should Fighter skill be buffed?

    The cooldown need to be offset by a third set of a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chain move at this point, or be shortened in endgame overall. I'd argue alchemy could use perhaps a DPS boost, given how slow Flameburst is, and Watercannon being rather impotent.

    Though it's unreasonable for most people to achieve, watercannon has the potential for having DPs far higher than anything else in the game. Per hit, it's miles ahead of firebolt, but falls behind due to chain cylinder's 10 second cooldown making it hard to spam in the same way. With a level 50 Erg weapon (assuming this is accurate) and the chain cylinder master title, you have a zero second cooldown for a skill that's like firebolt but could hit for 200k in a single shot.

    On the topic of fighter, it's a nice way to get will for ninja, but that's about it.