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  • Upgrading Savage Ice Wand

    For future reference, you can check the mabinogi wiki and simply search the item you want to upgrade. The wiki will usually tell you which NPCs provide which upgrades.
  • Are Smash and windmill forgotten by this server?

    Oh hey look, it's what the warrior revamp should have been.
  • Post your biggest transactions on Mabinogi here :0

    You probably shouldn't multi-point repair unless it's at 100%. From what I understand, multi-point repair odds are calculated as a string of 1 point repairs except you can't bless the item if it happens to fail, meaning that every point after that uses the unblessed repair rate.
  • No Background Music?

    Genuisenie wrote: »
    It shouldn't be that hard to reincorporate the BGM into the patches....

    It also shouldn't be that hard to simply NOT delete them, but hey.
  • Elves are FINALLY getting a perk/s?

    Exactly, you don't factor in ping because if you factor it in of course it would be worse. Then if you compensate the people for having high ping, the people playing with low ping will just become stronger, that in its core is the flaw with the entire design around archery.

    Again, this is only an issue if you're trying to compensate for ping with power. One way to help mitigate ping would be to add server side attack queuing. For people with high ping, the time between starting to load up an archery skill and starting to aim it is quite significant. Here's an approximate breakdown of the steps involved with starting to aim a shot.

    1. Client tells server: "I'm loading up my skill now"
    2. Time passes until server receives the message (based on ping)
    3. Server says "okay, go ahead"
    4a. Skill officially starts loading
    4b. Server tells client that the skill has started loading
    5a. Client receives message that the skill has loaded and the player begins aiming
    5b. Client tells server: "I'm aiming now"
    6. Time passes until the server receives the message (based on ping)
    7. Server receives the message and aiming officially begins

    Steps 2 and 6 are points when the character is basically waiting around doing nothing due to ping and are typically the longest. If the game were to be changed so the client could tell the server "I'm going to load up my skill and then immediately start aiming", that list would look more like this.

    1. Client tells server: "I'm going to to load my skill and start aiming immediately"
    2. Time passes until server receives the message (based on ping)
    3. Server says go ahead and the character officially begins aiming

    This requires a lot less back and forth between the client and server, and halves the number of ping related steps. For people with next to no ping, this would be marginally better (though the difference might be unnoticeable). For people with high ping, this could speed up the process significantly.

    Another potentially beneficial change is to simply change the elf ranged attack animation. From what I'm told, elf lag is a client sided animation lock that only affects certain people. Using the same animations that humans use (while not necessarily changing anything else about the skill) would solve this; assuming this information is correct. Again, this wouldn't strengthen people who can already play smoothly, just fix things for people who can't.