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  • [Satire] The terrifying presence of AFK events

    I like afk events but I don't like mandatory afking for long periods of time. 5 hours is too much. 1-2 hours should have been enough.

    If we're going to have actual events with active content I'd like the content to actually be kind of fun to do rather than be dead beat content. The only active content that stands out in my memory have been the hillween nightmare/lorraine's nightmare, mysterious girl halloween, and catching tails events. Of course you need a good reward or there'd be no incentive to run the events, but I liked these ones because they incited team work and competitiveness into one.

    Nightmare - Work together and get as far as you can for better rewards
    Mysterious Girl - Work with a rag tag partner to get to the end before the others
    Catching Tails - Work with your team to out pace the enemy team (though I didn't like this one as much because there wasn't that much strategy to employ)
  • why are some items like this ?

    They should do this
    Once a week, Nao comes down to collect expired of all kinds and give us something in return. Like a free Ferghus repair coupon.

    Too much work for the devs. They'll just leave it to the customer service department :^)
  • ♡ uxu's art shop [pp/gold] ♡

    IGN/Server: Wakasagihime / Alexina
    Payment type: Gold
    References: https://imgur.com/a/JgUhqmg
    Additional info: None, but if you prefer some direction on pose/expression then let me know.

    Btw is it ok if I send payment after a WIP first? It doesn't have to be line art or anything amazing. Just a very rough sketch will be good enough if you'd like. Thank you!
  • ➳ althie/merzkyi's art shop (PP) - 1 slot left

    Name/ign: Wakasagihime (Alexina)
    How many drawings you want: 1
    Type of commission(s): Half-body sketch
    Personality of your character(s): Reserved, dutiful
    Anything I need to know/additional information about the design of the character(s): Please include her suitcase if possible.
    References: https://imgur.com/a/JgUhqmg

    Paying by paypal. I hope I can maybe get another commission by gold one day though :) Thank you!
  • MeeMochii's ART SHOP(*^*) PP/Gold Server:Mari&Alex

    Ofc I can here you go. If you like it and the money go threw I can clean it up ^^

    That's perfect :D I'll get the money through when I can. Thank you!