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  • Your most nostalgic/best memory of mabinogi

    My favorite memory is accidentally deleting all of my screenshots of memories because the support team suggested re-installing Steam to be able to play the game from Steam. Not salty at all even though it's my fault technically
  • Return to Doki Doki Island!

    LF> Consolation prize after saving up my cat's eyes for THREE years. I'm over the lost $, but even a 10:1 ratio of conversion into the new cat's paws would be appreciated...
  • (KR) Winter Royal Box

    They need to do away with all of these colors and metal tints that you can't dye yourself.

    It's fine if they want those to be the default colors, but what was the point of increasing the numbers of pieces you can dye from 3 to 6 if we're losing customization over the years?

    It's one of my favorite parts of Mabi when we don't look at how silly gachas are.
  • Notice to Belgian Players

    I expect either the company will come up with a way around the loop hole like Hearthstone and what Draech said, or they will actually adjust their costs and close all the servers except Alexina and then have everything be direct buy only. Considering how Reforges haven't been ruled out they can still make a decent buck enough to keep the game published in NA is my guess.

    In regards to the Hearthstone loop hole I heard in one country instead of selling the packs containing a randomized set of cards therefore gambling, they sell "Dust" so in our case "Pon" as Draech said, but they sell a pitiful amount and then include the pack as a "free bonus". So you're still paying for the pack, but on a technical level you're not buying the pack, therefore you're not "gambling".
  • [Satire] The terrifying presence of AFK events

    I like afk events but I don't like mandatory afking for long periods of time. 5 hours is too much. 1-2 hours should have been enough.

    If we're going to have actual events with active content I'd like the content to actually be kind of fun to do rather than be dead beat content. The only active content that stands out in my memory have been the hillween nightmare/lorraine's nightmare, mysterious girl halloween, and catching tails events. Of course you need a good reward or there'd be no incentive to run the events, but I liked these ones because they incited team work and competitiveness into one.

    Nightmare - Work together and get as far as you can for better rewards
    Mysterious Girl - Work with a rag tag partner to get to the end before the others
    Catching Tails - Work with your team to out pace the enemy team (though I didn't like this one as much because there wasn't that much strategy to employ)