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  • Please merge Alexina and Nao MkII

    Nexon should merge all merge threads.
  • Really Mabi?

    Just set up Teamviewer unattended access and remote desktop to you box at home from your phone, anyone can do it and it costs nothing.
  • Working on an Elf need help

    Start with all of Archery obviously but start working on your dan ranks for magnum as soon as you can and Grandmaster the talent for the bonus passive dex, bust out Sword Mastery as well for an additional easily obtained 19 dex you shouldn't need to be on talent for it. After that immediately go for Weaving, Refining, Handicraft, Tailoring, Playing Instrument, Tasting, Song, and Sheep Shearing, in order of highest dex gains but ideally do them on the respective talents, you should be able to unlock spider shot after/during those, rank it whenever you get it.
    From that point you can get a little more dex out of finishing the Puppetry talent than Chain Slash but Chain will objectively be more useful, notably for the movement and invincibility frame option provided by Anchor Rush for dodging potential Fireballs, nullifying Thunders, and evading Wraith Roars. But even more so, Death Mark for the literally free 25% damage bonus and pulls to drag things in for Magnum splash damage and Crash Shot fragments. With those two specifically in mind for Phantasm, but additionally the usefulness of Spinning Slasher and Chain Sweep in Kraken I would recommend personally doing Chain ahead of Puppet even with the lower total dex gain. From that point you're just going to want to go down this list sorted by total from highest to lowest with whatever you feel like ranking. In addition you'll want to Grandmaster every life talent minus Merchant and Apothecary as they all give dex, after GM Archer, Chain, and Puppet of course.
    Beyond maxing out dex I would suggest going into int and mana for the sake of boosting Mana Shield effectiveness and survivability because mistakes and lag and archery RNG misses will always inevitably happen and threaten to end your runs, on an Elf Mana Shield is the best "life insurance policy".

    Bohemian set is your only option if you're using archery on an Elf, you'll need a set that has a total of 10 points of Magnum Shot enhancement, and I personally suggest going for the 10 points of Support Shot enhancement as well to boost Chain Impale damage on spawns that are more resistant to Magnum Shot's ranged damage type, in particular you'll encounter monsters with 99% resistence to Magnum Shot in Sidhe, which you'll need to run for Echostones not only for the bonus dex you can gain from yellows but to roll the Crash Shot Fragments reforge line on, which is normally capped to a maximum of 5 levels on bodywear but can go higher on Echostone, I've seen up to 8 levels personally but I've been told the cap is 10. You'll also want to invest into a black Echostone for rolling Death Mark damage amplification, and a blue for Mana Shield damage reduction as both of these are normally glove slot reforges and your Bohemian gloves will need to have Magnum Shot damage rolled on them. Since you'll want the additional Crash frag levels from Echostone your Bohemian wear will be freed up for a reforging slot, after you've gotten your Magnum and Crash shot reforges taken care of you'll probably want to go for Chain Sweep radius on the body for it's utility and melee damage type. Ranged attack max damage on your boots and Crash Shot fragment range on your hat to finish out the set. Accessories you can either go Magnum Shot damage or Crash Shot fragment damage depending on which you put more value in, faster spawn clears or faster boss clear but from a pure numbers perspective each level of Mag is 10% (11.5% boosted by bohe set effect) added to your Magnum multiplier where as Crash frag damage is only 3.5% and has no set effect to increase it's value as of this post.
    Since you have 500 million gold to spend I would personally suggest buying pre-reforged and pre-enchanted pieces of your Bohemian set rather than reforging and enchanting it yourself unless you simply cannot find any compatible set bonus pieces to work with on the market.
    Otherwise a basic set of enchants to work with that are fairly obtainable ingame is: Oblivion+Chorus hat/Encore+Daunting bodywear/Solo+Butterfly shoe/Solo+Camo glove/Oblivion+Swarming Lucky Rabbit foot or Purple Heart accessories depending if you want +luck and lower repairs or a small dex/int bonus for a little higher repair rate. Of course thats fairly generalized, with 500m if not buying premade pieces you'll likely want to spend it on all the pay to win gachapon-only enchants you can get your hands on, some references here and here on enchants.

    Bhafel Hunter+Huntress is going to be the goto suggestion most people will give you, sporting 2 piercing levels and a 30 flat max bonus ontop of 15% bonus damage and infinite ammo. Nobility+Sniping enchants will net the most max bonus but also 10x repair, Lion Hunter+Wanderer will give the most without multiplying the repair rate. Personally I feel theres merit to the Divine Crossbow if you can manage to get a Novel enchant for it and don't care about the 10x repair fee that comes with that, since you can get up to 6 piercing levels, and with the spirit weapon revamp coming soon you'll be able to get a spirit passive skill that makes your archery skills not consume arrows or bolts but still applies the +10% damage boost you gain from using "Special" and "Sharp" arrow/bolt. Generally speaking the Divine Crossbow will let you do more damage on normal spawns, but the Bhafel will do more damage to bosses if you use Brionac to sheer their protection, if you intend on not sheering the Divine Crossbow gains even more appeal. Regardless of which way you go either of this will likely be the most expensive piece for purchase.
    Aside from the bow you'll want a Chain Blade, Cutthroat will be enough generally as Celtic Howling provides only about 20~ more max for 4.5~ times the repair rate, so you can just go Cutthroat with Artful+Fierce enchants without wasting too much gold on it and still getting more than good enough performance where it's needed instead of a bow.
    A Gloomy Sunday is probably a given, since deer hide phantasm implies you're soloing. If the market is particularly bad a pre-r1 allegro+chord violin should be cheap and you can throw reforges at it for playing effect, it's only about 1% less in base plays compared to a Gloomy.

    If you pay for VIP you'll definitely want to invest into making a combo card with Magnum Shot 6 times, grinding out or buying dan stars for rerolling each slot via the combo card customization at the dan test npc. Sadly Nexon has been extremely stingy about Permanent Combo Cards and hasn't given them out without spending cash on gachapon since an event in 2015 when they were character locked and very unlikely to spawn at all, and likely will not give them out anymore going forward since they decided to use it as a monetization method.
    Furthermore if you're going to pay for extra gear slots I would suggest making a music buff set specifically aside from your Bohemian set. Easiest way to auto-switch to your instrument and trigger the gear slot change is to use Phantasmal Chorus before buffing as it forces the switch to an instrument instead of triggering a buff from singing.

    Some personal advice from someone with a 25k elf, who now mains a 32k giant; Don't even bother with any of this and don't play an Elf if you aren't on the West coast, Archery's aim desyncs with latency and makes you miss significantly more the further from the servers in Amazon's data center in Oregon where Mabi's channel servers are hosted you are. Speaking purely statistically Elves only advantage is Archery and they fall behind in every other area of meaning be it directly or by proxy to some other nonsensical restrictions or debuffs. Playing the game purely relying on an RNG roll which lies to you about how high your success chance actually is while being worse at literally anything else is an absolutely miserable and soul crushing way to play and otherwise very enjoyable and one of a kind on the market game. Hoping desperately for a "Race rebalance" or "Elf buff" will never come to happen because the game's development is done around the KR server and the uniquely low latency of the region due to it's small size that causes elf to already be the best race in the game there so a buff for them is immensely unlikely to happen just because they're ineffective for most of the NA player base due to america being massive and the speed of light being too much of a bottleneck on internet latency.
    All that being said, if you're on the West Coast Elf+Archery is very effective and you should definitely go ahead with it already having the ability to fund the gear required.
  • Please explain Nexon.

    Habimaru wrote: »
    1. PG&E does not service Nexon's area. PG&E services only Northern California. El Segundo is serviced by SoCal Edison
    2. While SoCal Edison have had planned outages, there have been no planned outages lately as the major fires and Santa Ana Winds events have passed in the area.
    3. Based on where the fires have been, I find it difficult to believe that Los Angeles' county's internet infrastructure is damaged due to the recent fires and I find it difficult to believe the major fires in Northern California will affect Southern California.

    Mabinogi is hosted on Amazon ec2 in a data center in Oregon since the "cloud" maintenance, nowhere in California, so California being on fire again wouldn't be the issue especially if you pull up a map of the United States' internet backbone. More than likely it's just routing propagation issues again, I'll save the technobabble but in short; one idiot in the fourteenth world presses a button they shouldn't and the whole internet ties its self up into a pretzel.
  • Physical/Melee damage is too favored in this game

    This is actually a legitimate skill balancing issue not "another complain post", though there are a few corrections needed.
    Heavy Stander does have constant damage reduction, as well as it's additional halving of damage on activation.

    Bone chip/atk pot and Overture infact do not work on any magic directly, including Firebolt, the additional damage you do see using Firebolt with one or both active is only applied to the bonus damage from the spell's max damage enchant coefficient mentioned further down OP's post. These coefficients only exist for bolt and intermediate magic however, so chip/atk pot and overture will never have any effect on advance magic, shockwave, or blaze.

    The Magic Damage stat was previously 20 int per 1% before the Merlin update not 25, but rather than adding a fixed amount of min/max damage to spells it like the new Magic Attack stat with it's int/5 scaling Magic Damage functioned as a multiplier to spell base damages, which were reduced in g13 when the elemental masteries were added but the result was a net gain after ranking those skills as they were a second multiplier to the fixed spell base damage. When the Merlin patch did hit though titles that gave magic attack as well as upgrades were multiplied by 4 to match the new int to Magic Attack scaling, but enchants that gave magic attack were forgotten and have been left forgotten and effectively worthless outside of the new Arcane and Foretold enchants for staves which still lag behind the total damage adds of comparable enchants for physical damage weapons.

    Now as for my personal commentary on this subject.
    I feel Alchemy's scaling is in a good state, massive prot vs mprot imbalances aside for the moment, although I'm speaking from a late game perspective of a character with 3200 hp 2500 mp and 2700 sp with no gear or enchant boosts that's still 9k total off maxing the boosts from Shine of Eweca, I believe it's worth considering though that alchemy scaling caps at 2500 so enchanting magical on all of my alchemy gear at this point will net me 0 additional damage to Water Cannon, despite comparatively superior scaling below the mp scaling cap.
    It should also be considered that Alchemy damage enchants scale with charges, and some of the on-Cylinder enchants have quite high potential bonuses along with being able to be doubled up when equipping a Guard Cylinder with the same enchants; For example Moist + Wave on both a Tidalwave Cylinder (the same 30% cylinder efficiency for water alchemy as a Celtic Tetra, Revenant Insight, or Perseus Tyrannus Cylinder) and Guard Cylinder with max roll give an additional 70 water alchemy damage, this proceeds to stack 5 times on a full charge, get a 1.2* bonus when used at close range, a separate 1.3* bonus from the Tidalwave's Cylinder efficiency, and in ideal use case a further 1.2* after that from r1 Rain Casting for a total damage add of 1310.4 without involving reforges, to get the same damage bonus for a giant's dan 3 smash would require 151.6~ max from enchants on your 2 handed sword + shield, or 63~ if you have a 40% overture and bone chip active (accounting for overture's bonus being boosted by 1.2* with chip active) which amounts to a Demi Lich+Minimum roll Girgashey on the sword and Oblivion+max roll Wild Boar on the shield, overall slightly harder to obtain but easier to enchant compared to two Moist+Wave on Cyl+Guard. However you'll need quite a decent set of bard enchants and likely reforges to reach the 40% overture that equalizes these enchant boosts on the sword+shield to the point of the alchemy enchant boosts to Water Cannon.
    If we start throwing reforges (one each in this case, 20 level assumed, although I think it's fair to consider as both can be obtained without real cash investment on Echostones.) for Rain Cast Water Cannon damage (+100% damage added to the basic +20%), Smash damage (+200% added to Smash's base multiplier which will be boosted 1.2* using a 2 handed sword), and set effects for Water Cannon enhancement (1.15* multiplier to WC) and Smash enhancement (the same 1.15* but to Smash's multiplier) in here now that 70 water alchemy damage has turned into a 2762.7 damage add, which Smash (again Giant dan 3 in this case) would need 217.6~ max from enchants in the same slots to compare or a not quite possible 90.5 after bone chip+40% overture, and I'm taking the best case for Smash here, being used by a Giant with a shield and 2 handed sword for extra base multiplier and enchant slots over a Human or Elf.

    All of that gets completely thrown out the window though when we look at the root cause of the physical/magical damage imbalance; Magic Protection.
    In early game content it isn't quite as noticeable since even up to hardmode shadow missions most things only have 10~20% damage reduction from protection, around 5~13 points, easy to work around with Cerenus summon and Hydra, though admittedly dependent on a temporary cash shop item with a 45 USD cost to be ensured to obtain and a skill with a relatively small radius which remains stationary and requires monsters take a damage tick from it before the debuff is applied that also has a 60 second cooldown. Most of that content you'll be able to do enough damage that the reduction isnt really an issue though, but once you're getting up to content like advance hardmode dungeons it starts to become more noticeable that physical damage is pulling ahead, particularly with all of the new bows and swords coming with piercing levels, and all of the free Bone Dragons we're given from events and their comparatively lower cash shop price of 9~12 USD although still a temporary item not always available for players to purchase. Once we start getting into later game content like avalon purification and tech duinn adv missions, Magic has become completely impotent due to magic protection, even when applying Hydra and Cerenus, while on the physical damage side you're definitely running a piercing sword and or bow at this point or using high multiplier slow animation skillsets like Chain that were designed to work around protection in this content tier, Alchemy fares a little better than magic if you've invest into an Erg 50 Cylinder, Rain Cast Water Cannon Damage reforge and Flame Burst duration reforge, but that's pretty extreme compared to the investment to be effective in this content with physical damage.

    As for a specific example to highlight the problem that is Magic Protection, let's take Tagar from the Purify Avalon's Altar mission. Tagar has 180 Protection and Magic Protection, this results in an 80% damage reduction to any attack you use on her, you can reduce this by 37 on the physical side by hitting her with a Bone Dragon, Mir Dragon, Spinning Uppercut, and Smokescreen, bringing her down to 143 protection or 73% damage reduction. Comparatively if you can get her to stay on one place long enough for Hydra to tick and hit her with a Cerenus summon you can bring her magic protection down 28 points to 152 or 75% damage reduction. It almost sounds fair at that point, albeit a tad slanted towards physical damage, but we haven't accounted for Piercing yet, on the lower end with a Bhafel Slayer greatsword or Bhafel Hunter longbow that takes off another 10 protection from their upgraded 2 piercing levels, which gets us to 71% damage reduction. On the higher end though since this is late game content you could be running a 3 pierce meteoroid enchant on that Bhafel Slayer, or a Novel Divine Crossbow which bring the protection down to 118 and 113 or 68% and 67% damage reduction respectively, quite an advantage over what you can obtain with magic type damage sources and applies to things other than Tagar specifically. Lets get into the meat of the imbalance though when it comes to any boss type monster like Tagar, Feth's rings, Balor, and so on.

    Brionac, when shocked will reduce the protection of certain monsters (mostly bosses as mentioned, but also of note the water spirits in abyssal lord tech duinn mission) by 3 per hit, this means 60 quick love taps on Tagar with vivace buff on makes her have a whopping ZERO physical protection and take full damage from any physical attack regardless of other debuffs or piercing levels. Before the Merlin patch that introduced the split Protection and Magic Protection stats this damage reduction ~reduction~ from Brionac would apply to all damage types allowing Magic and Alchemy to be at least able to compete with Melee and Ranged damage skills, but now Physical damage is working at full force and Magic type damage is at a 75% disadvantage, more in cases aside from Tagar.

    But this is the NA forums where trying to discuss imbalances is pointless and will never be seen by the developers who have the power to fix it and only by players who have little to no knowledge on the games mechanics and who will only contribute snide remakes comparing any attempts at discussing game balance to someone complaining to be compensated for a few extra hours of downtime on a free videogame as they idle in Dunbarton or Belvast with the game minimized, ignoring anything that may improve the game and make it more enjoyable for those who don't want to hit things with a big axe like Todd Howard.

    EDITED IN BONUS: Some posts came in while I was writing this but to keep it short and sweet, Ego revamp does not make up for 75% extra damage reduction to magic type damage sadly even if it gets significantly faster for lower tier content.
    SherriOwntrolfRadiant DawnKitini