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  • Player Trading Etiquette

    When it comes to finding an item in game, you can either search the name on the Auction House, or, as said above, create a party ad.

    If you are unaware of how a party ad is made, creating a dungeon party and holding up the ad will cause it to flash under the "wanted" section of the channel's party chat. So for the halloween workshop desk, you would make a dungeon party named "B> Workshop Desk NM". The "NM" standing for "Note me", a common way for a seller (or buyer in other cases) to contact you. You can also list a price you are interested in paying in the ad.
    People will also typically hold up the ad in a market town like Dunbarton or Belvast

    The most important thing when running an ad is patience. Don't be discouraged if you don't get any notes really quick.

    Besides that, don't be afraid to ask people in game for advice on making gold or how to buy/sell certain things on the market.
    I know you're intimidated, but I'm sure a good amount of people in this game would be happy to help.
  • Why do Milletians Leave so Much Gold on da Ground?

    Hey, if people don't take the gold, more for the people that actually do pick it up.
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  • How do you fish?

    I fish using only the newest, state of the art fishing technology, allowing me to experience fishing with the power of my mind. Why settle for mere manual or automatic fishing when you can transcend all limits and BECOME THE FISHING EXPERIENCE.
  • Arc Lich, can't smash bleed anymore?

    Peaca normal's lich shares this, and it isn't just bleed.

    A large number of skills that used to get around their gimmicks no longer do so.
    These include but are not limited to:
    Wings of rage
    Bone Dragon's devil cry
    Fallen Fairy's summon effect (doesn't even react?!)
    Celestial Spike
    Mirage Missile

    And more than likely various others.

    No idea when this change happened or why.
    So much for ever feeling like touching Peaca normal again, huh?
  • Ripped off and not Happy

    Kouyioue wrote: »
    With all due sass, besides those 6 players that simply stand around all day, besides them: who else actually uses totems anymore?

    Sorry I can't hear you over this 40~ max damage boost from the totems I've collected in the past.