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  • The REAL Reason Why Black-Hats Target Nexon, etc.

    Go back to sleep Habi.
    Radiant DawnPinkiesandwichWolfsingerRiddleTricksterVythanLeDarkpixie99
  • Yay! Another Elf-Archery QQ Thread!=D (not really)

    Why use a bow when you can stab things with a whip?

    To get dex of course!
    Radiant Dawn
  • Endgame contentent

    Hello. Welcome.

    You have bravely chosen to walk a path of suffering, patience, and extreme gains.
    Here is a list of tasks for you to accomplish in your thrill seeking quest:

    Get your first stat to over 1000.
    Get 3 more stats to over 1000.
    In Peaca Abyss, facetank Duke to death.
    Solo Avon Martial Arts entirely.
    Get your 15th Grandmaster.
    Get introduced to Phantasm Mirror.
    Improve your equipment.
    Get your main stat over the 1500 soft cap.
    Get it even higher.
    Start working on your weapon's Erg.
    Realize the potential of the new Ego System.
    Enchant all of your nice new gear with high end enchants.
    Activate all important Techniques.
    Begin attempting Tech Duinn.
    Somehow get crystals along the way.
    Level up your Techniques up to 7.
    Take part in Avalon Raids to get items to sell.
    Get enough gold to level up your Techniques as desired.
    Start actually attempting Phantasm again.
    Realize your damage isn't enough.
    Dan everything.
    Get your battlefield overture to much greater effect.
    Start attempting phantasm with proper damage this time.
    Now solo it.
    Start attempting higher difficulty Tech Duinn.
    Raise your damage even higher.
    Find out you are now on mr bones wild ride.
    The ride never ends.
    Radiant DawnHabimarucourtneyySherriSailingyaopawcalypse
  • So that Erg 20 Catalyst...

    Its actually really good.

    It does more than just give you Erg 20.
    It also uncaps the weapon's Erg up to 25.

    So if you ever wanted to skip the requirement of a Milky Way Instrument on a weapon, you have an option now.

    Did you use yours wisely?
  • Spirit Transformation Liqueur

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    When Tory Ravine gets unlocked, which should happen as part of the G24 update, you'll gain access to the black beaches of Tory Ravine, where you'll be able to mine the crystals needed to make your own Transformation Liqueurs.

    When that happens, you take the crystals you mined to Dorren in Taillteann and she'll turn them into Transformation Liqueurs, including (Basic) which is the default appearance. (the tiny orb of light)

    In other words, don't waste our gold on any of them.
    I've seen people trying to sell the things for rather pricey amounts.

    If anyone wants a transformation liqueur, it sounds like it would be better to wait for G24 than rushing to get one now.