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but why tho


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  • [EXTENDED] Unscheduled Maintenance - November 14th

    Thank you for your patience, servers are now live.
  • Patch Notes - November 14th

    Check out all of the details of this month's Patch Notes!


    The following Events, Sales, and Promotions are running:

    Shadow Dungeon Super Drop Event: Thursday, October 31st, After Maintenance - Thursday, November 21st, Before Maintenance
    Sacred Light Box: Thursday, October 31st, After Maintenance - Wednesday, November 27th, Before Maintenance
    Harvest Festival: Thursday, November 14th, After Maintenance - Thursday December 12th, Before Maintenance
    Battle Wear Box: Thursday, November 14th, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 12th, Before Maintenance
    Shopkeeper's Sale: Partners are back again!: Thursday, November 14th, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 12th, Before Maintenance

    New Updates:

    New recipes have been added!

    • Cheeseburger - Bread, Cabbage, Slice of Cheese
    • Shrimp Burger - Bread, Shrimp, Cabbage
    • Bacon Burger - Bread, Bacon, Cabbage
    • Chicken Burger - Bread, Chicken, Cabbage
    • Birthday Cake - Strawberry, Whipped Cream, Flour Dough
    • Cookies and Cream Cake - Chocolate Chip Cookie, Whipped Cream, Flour Dough
    • Pan's Craft Brew - Barley Flour, Bottle Water, Malt
    • Highball - Lemon, Brifne Whiskey
    • Hard Cider - Apple, Brifne Whiskey
    • Egg Sandwich - Fried Egg, Sliced Bread
    • Red Bean Shaved Ice - Mung Bean, Ice, Assorted Fruit Dish

    • Takoyaki - Simmered Octopus, Wheat Flour, Egg

    • Egg Porridge - Egg, Bottled Water, Steamed Rice
    • Miso Soup - Soybean Paste, Bottled Water, Mixed Vegetables

    Noodle Making
    • Shoyu Ramen - Noodles, Soy Sauce, Meat Broth
    • Shio Ramen - Noodles, Salt, Meat Broth
    • Miso Ramen - Noodles, Soybean Paste, Meat Broth

    • Omurice - Mixed Fried Rice, Egg

    • Soybean Paste (Ingredient) - Simmered Beans, Salt, Bottled Water

    The following bugs have been fixed:

    • Fixed an issue where Altam was incorrectly referred as Captain during G23.
    • Fixed an issue where the Extra Equipment Slot Expansion Coupon had the outdated description of only being able to increase a maximum of 2 slots.
    • Fixed an issue where after the VIP Update, Belvast's personal shop limit was reduced to 10 million gold. The new limits for a personal shop in Belvast is 20 million gold and 30 million gold if you have an active VIP service.
  • Battle Wear Box

    Battle it out with the Battle Wear Box! Check out the new Battle Maid and Battle Butler outfits! Or, take a look at the beautiful cooking utensils. In either case, you will be ready to battle with these new looks. Check out the details below!


    Sale Dates: Thursday, November 14th, After Maintenance - Thursday, December 12th, Before Maintenance


    Each box comes with either Endelyon Life Renown Seal (250) x3, Edern Life Renown Seal (250) x3, or Eluned Life Renown Seal (250) x3, and one random item from the gachapon list.

    New Items

    • Doily Wings (Dyeable)
    • Pink Doily Wings
    • Ivory Doily Wings
    • Mint Doily Wings
    • Lilac Doily Wings
    • Chestnut Doily Wings
    • Rune Wings (Dyeable)
    • Pink Rune Wings
    • Ivory Rune Wings
    • Mint Rune Wings
    • Lilac Rune Wings
    • Chestnut Rune Wings
    • Special Battle Butler Long Outfit (M)
    • Special Battle Maid Long Outfit (F)
    • Special Battle Butler Short Outfit (M)
    • Special Battle Maid Short Outfit (F)
    • Battle Butler Wig (M)
    • Battle Maid Wig (F)
    • Battle Butler Long Outfit (M)
    • Battle Maid Long Outfit (F)
    • Battle Butler Short Outfit (M)
    • Battle Maid Short Outfit (F)
    • Battle Butler Wig and Hairtie (M)
    • Battle Maid Wig and Headband (F)
    • Battle Maid Headband (F)
    • Battle Butler Gauntlets (M)
    • Battle Maid Gauntlets (F)
    • Battle Butler Shoes (M)
    • Battle Maid Shoes (F)
    • Antique Cooking Knife - Set Effect: Cooking Quality 10 Increase and Cooking Training EXP 5 Increase
    • Antique Cooking Ladle - Set Effect: Cooking Quality 10 Increase and Cooking Traing EXP 5 Increase
    • Antique Cooking Pot - Set Effect: Cooking Buff Duration 10 Increase and Cooking Training EXP 5 Increase
    • Antique Cooking Table - Set Effect: Cooking Buff Duration 10 Increase and Cooking Training EXP 5 Increase
    • Check Folio Coupon (2x2)
    • Classy Check Folio Coupon (2x1)
    • Deluxe Check Folio Coupon (1x1)

    The new Check Folio items can hold up to 10 checks! To use the item, drag and drop a check in the bag.

    For the full Gachapon List and Drop Rates please check out the original post on the main page: Click Here for Full Post
  • Community Livestream - Nov. 14th Patch Preview

    Join Katherz as she gives you a sneak peak into the November 14th patch! Join us on our Twitch.tv channel on Wednesday, November 13th at 5:00 PM PST (8:00 PM EST).



    Katherz will be going over the new patch, as well as events and sales! There will also be giveaways throughout the stream. As always, there are lots of other fantastic surprises and GM antics.

    Don't miss out on the fun. See you Wednesday on our twitch channel!
  • [COMPLETED] Unscheduled Maintenance - November 7th

    Mabinogi will have an unscheduled maintenance on Thursday, November 7th. During this time, the game will be unavailable. Maintenance is expected to begin at 4:30 PM PST and last approximately 2 hours.

    Please note that the estimated length of time for each maintenance is subject to change without notification.

    - Time -
    Thursday, November 7th
    Pacific (PST, UTC-8): 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
    Eastern (EST, UTC-5): 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    Paris (CET, UTC+1): 1:30 AM - 3:30 AM

    To address the following:

    To fix the issues with logging into the game.

    - The Mabinogi Team