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  • Lorraine's Nightmare is back!

    Halloween is creeping around the corner, and so are Lorraine's Nightmares! An Arc Lich has invaded Lorraine's dreams turning them into frightening nightmares and only you can stop them. Enter the shadowy depths of her mind to defeat the Arc Lich and his undead minions so she can finally sleep peacefully! Check out the full details here.


    Lorraine's Nightmare
    Event Dates: Thursday, October 18, After Maintenance - Thursday, November 7, Before Maintenance

    • Log-in to receive The Eight Nightmares of Lorraine quest
    • The quest will lead you to Lorraine. She will be in Dunbarton's Town Square
    • Party up with 3-5 of your friends to enter Lorraine's Nightmare Shadow Mission
    • Select your role! You can choose from Warrior/Fighter, Mage/Bard, or Alchemist/Ranger (limit 2 per role)
    • The Shadow Mission has up to 8 waves of monsters, and must be cleared 3 times, to complete The Eight Nightmares of Lorraine quest
    • The Eight Nightmares of Lorraine quest can be completed once per day

    Quest Details

    • When you enter the Shadow Mission, you'll first need to talk to Lorraine. She can't fight the monsters on her own!
    • Speaking to her will allow you to purchase supplies to help you in your battle against the undead or select the wave of monsters you'd like to fight
    • In the Shadow Mission you will also find Marcellus
    • You can select your role for the Shadow mission through him
    • You can Purchase stat or skill upgrades from him with a 5,000 gold allowance to start off. Choose your upgrades wisely, any upgrades purchased cannot be undone!

    Bonus Rewards

    Once you complete the quest you will receive a Sweet Dream Box! Bonus rewards are also based on how many waves (in total) you have cleared in Lorraine's Nightmare!

    Defeat 1 Wave
    • 41,500 EXP
    • 2,900 Gold

    Defeat 2 Waves
    • 74,700 EXP
    • 6,400 Gold

    Defeat 3 Waves
    • 103,750 EXP
    • 11,200 Gold

    Defeat 4 Waves
    • 145,250 EXP
    • 12,800 Gold

    Defeat 5 Waves
    • 207,500 EXP
    • 22,300 Gold

    Defeat 6 Waves
    • 290,500 EXP
    • 25,600 Gold

    Defeat 7 Waves
    • 415,500 EXP
    • 34,200 Gold

    Defeat all 8 Waves
    • 581,000 EXP
    • 51,200 Gold
    • 1 Extra Sweet Dream Box!

    Sweet Dream Box

    The sweet dream box contains a number of useful items for your everyday adventures, and even some new items for you to enjoy!

    New or Rare Items
    • Radiant Tough String
    • Unbroken Heart Bag Coupon (106 Slots)
    • Broken Heart Bag Coupon (96 Slots)
    • Forgotten Mage's Gem
    • Striped Candy Pillow
    • Spotted Candy Pillow
    • Hard Monster Horn
    • Lightless Metal Fragment

    • School Chair
    • Reading Chair
    • Broken Umbrella
    • Sparkling Star Umbrella
    • Panda Umbrella

    • Lyre (Lemon Yellow)
    • War Sword (Sky Blue)
    • Falcata (Purple)
    • Ring Bow (Fluorescent Melon)
    • Combat Wand
    • Champion Knuckle
    • Crystal Lightning Wand (Sky Blue)
    • Crown Ice Wand (Purple)
    • Phoenix Fire Wand (Orange)
    • Trinity Staff (Lemon Yellow)
    • Francisca
    • Warhammer
    • Engraved Control Bar
    • Rebis Guard Cylinder
    • Zeder II
    • Champion Knuckle
    • Bracer Knuckle
    • Lion Claw Lance
    • Starblade Shuriken
    • Trinity Staff
    • War Sword
    • Devil Slayer
    • Crystal Lightning Wand
    • Crown Ice Wand
    • Phoenix Fire Wand

    Life Skill Tools
    • Scent of the Sea Life Exploration Fishing Rod
    • Chef Life Exploration Cooking Knife
    • Tempting Life Exploration Taming Cane
    • Life Exploration Fishing Rod
    • Life Exploration Cooking Knife
    • Life Exploration Taming Cane

    • Exclusive Enchant: Speedy
    • Exclusive Enchant: Challenger

    • Fixed Color Dye Ampoule Set
    • Fixed Color Metal Dye Ampoule Set

    • Blue Upgrade Stone (Event)
    • Red Upgrade Stone (Event)
    • Falias Fragment
    • Topaz 10cm
    • Star Sapphire 10cm
    • Emerald 10cm
    • Aquamarine 10cm
    • Garnet 10cm
    • Jasper 10cm
    • Ruby 10cm
    • Spinel 10cm
    • Diamond 10cm
    • Diamond 5cm
    • 5 or 10 Finest Silk
    • 5 or 10 Finest Fabric
    • 5 Finest Leathers
    • 5 or 10 Finest Leather Straps
    • 10 Finest Leather Pouch
    • 10 Finest Firewood
    • 5 Fine Silk
    • 5 Fine Fabric
    • 5 Fine Leathers
    • 5 Fine Leather Straps
    • 10 Mandrake
    • 10 Antidote Herb
    • 10 White Herb
    • 5 Homestead Eggplant Seeds
    • 5 Homestead Pumpkin Seeds
    • 5 Homestead Package Seeds

    • Golden Hammer of Durability (Not Tradable)
    • Complete Skill EXP Potion (1 Day)(Event)
    • 5 Jelly Beans of Strength
    • 5 Chocolate Chip Cookies of Dexterity
    • 5 Chiffon Cakes of Will
    • 5 Lollipops of Intelligence
    • 5 Muffin of Luck
    • Various HP Potion SE
    • Various MP Potion SE
    • Various Stamina Potion SE
    • Various Wound Remedy Potion SE
    • Speed Walk Potion 40% (10 Min)
    • Tin Potion
  • [COMPLETED] Scheduled Maintenance - October 11th

    Mabinogi will have a scheduled maintenance on Thursday, October 11th. During this time, the game will be unavailable. Maintenance is expected to begin at 7:00 AM PDT and last approximately 3 hours.


    Please note that the estimated length of time for each maintenance is subject to change without notification.

    - Time -
    Thursday, October 11th
    Pacific (PDT, UTC-7): 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Eastern (EDT, UTC-4): 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Paris (CEST, UTC+2): 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

    To address the following:

    • Weekly server upkeep.
    • It's time to get spooky with the Halloween Villains Event!
    • Time to take attendance again with the October Attendance Event.
    • Dye to your heart's content with the Dye Expansion Update.
    • The maximum dye parts have been increased to 6.
    • This update will mainly apply to new outfits that will be released in the future.
    • Older outfits will still have only 3 dye parts.
    • End of the Neagh Fishing Event.
    • End of the Magical Bingo Box.
    • Fixed an issue where your character gets stuck when opening the Production Inventory with a Brownie.
    • Fixed an issue where you cannot use items after using a horn-bugle during auto production.

    - The Mabinogi Team
  • Mabinogi Has Been Taken Over By Ewoks

    You were not called a racist. This is literally the line in the Code of Conduct:

    - Making racist, derogatory, threatening comments and/or direct attacks on other members will not tolerated.

    You were warned for making direct attacks on members and not to mention, the GMs and VFMs in PMs. The statement above was given in your warning as that is rule you were breaking.
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  • Community Live Stream on Caffeine.tv

    Nkeona and Katherz will be playing through the generations on the new streaming platform Caffeine.tv on Wednesday, September 26th at 5:00 PM PDT (8:00 PM EDT).


    More About Caffeine.tv
    Caffeine is a new way for you and your friends to enjoy and create live gaming, entertainment, and creative arts broadcasts. Simplicity is at the core of what we do: from our clean design to our simple-to-use tools, we make it incredibly easy for anyone to start broadcasting in no time. We want to bring the world together, around friends and live broadcasts. Caffeine is currently in pre-release.

    Join Nkeona and Katherz as they start over and play through the generations in the Tarlach Server. Come hang out with us during the stream! As always, there are lots of other fantastic surprises and GM antics.

    Don't miss out on the fun. See you Wednesday!

    Stream Link
  • Upcoming Changes to Exchange Rates for NX Purchase

    We have been reviewing the current exchange rates offered when purchasing NX on the Nexon website. Beginning on Thursday, September 27, the exchange rates will be updated to better reflect the current exchange rates on the market. This will only affect players purchasing NX with EUR or GBP. Please see the summary below.


    These changes will take effect on Thursday, September 27 at 11:00 AM PDT (6:00 PM UTC).

    If you have questions about NX or in-game purchases you have made prior to the new exchange rates, please contact Customer Support.