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  • The Etiquette Of Picking Up Junk

    Personally, if I drop something I'm done with it. And if somebody drops a pile of gems that's free ego food.

    Following somebody around might get you some weird looks though.

    The only time I was ever miffed at somebody picking up items I was dropping on purpose was when they started complaining that I wasn't dropping the items they wanted. o_O
  • Favorite thing to do ingame?

    Homestead decorating.

    I'm running out of room. :(
    HuwRadiant DawnSherriWolfsinger

    Mabinogi has outlasted many other MMOs. It'll be fine.

    Besides, we never had "4 full servers". LOL We've usually had 1 populated server, one or two moderately populated servers, and one barely populated. Before Alexina we had 3 moderately populated servers with most people hanging in Tir. (Dunby, Emain, and Bangor were around, but nobody really hung out there.)
  • F2P vs P2W / Server-RAM / Archer-Set / Questions

    All races "need" to reforge to get those "ultimate" stats. I have always maintained that reforges are "nice to have", not required to play the race or class of your choice. There is also a bit of skill involved in playing archery solo, as you have to learn to avoid and/or throw off aggro.

    Just getting a magnum reforge is not going to magically get you 300k magnum crits. And there is a crazy amount of things you can do to up your damage that do not involve reforges at all. The vast majority of "endgame" players get their damage by stacking buffs, and reforges are only a piece of that puzzle.

    Ignoring any cash shop items such as pets (including items they give such as bone chips), reforges, or weapon power potions, you can:

    1. Use a Bohemian set
    2. Get a Bhafel Hunter/Huntress combo and red-upgrade it.
    3. Get a combo card
    4. Use music buffs
    5. Use catering.
    6. Debuff using chain skills.
    7. Alternate magnum with archery skills that slowly work HP off enemies without aggroing them. (Crash shot for max damage, mirage missile for debuff, etc...)
    8. Use Ladeca for maximum "pew pew pew". (Also consider relentless assault or final shot.)
    9. Use enchants to nudge up music buffs, damage, etc.
    10. Echostone reforges. (Frustrating and will take a lot of AP and running over and over again, but you can get that magnum reforge that way without spending a dime.)
    11. Exploit Weakness and redoubled offensive

    You see how much buff stacking is going on up there, though?

    See, if you just take a bhafel hunter/huntress (with red upgrades, no major reforges), and you pair it with just a magnum reforge, your 24k crit is going to get nudged up to maybe a 28k crit. Which is good for most situations, but it's nothing to write home about. Buff stacking is the real key. I think my hardest hit ever was a 98k crit on an Advanced/Sorrow Song of Grief (which I did without food/catering, or any bone dragon stuff, so I was pretty darn proud of it). I don't consider myself one of the "good" elves. There's people who can pull off 200k shots, or harder.

    Now, all that said: Just buy pre-reforged gear. Let the whales do the gambling.
  • So, Lets talk Veteran dungeons...

    I don't mind the difficulty. It wasn't too bad.

    But a single gem and a bag of money? Really?

    Why do I get the feeling there *are* better rewards, but with a stupidly low drop rate so that people will never find out what they are? Especially since you only get one pass a day?

    Really wish we could get a list of what these dungeons actually drop so we could see if the time-gamble was worth it. I will admit to skipping on the "orb room" chests/keys because the dungeon is already very time consuming.