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  • [KR] Constellation Guardian's Cache

    How to avoid paying 150-200m for fancy new gacha dress:

    1. Take note of the insanely rare "special" edition with fancy animation.
    2. Okay. You see it? Good. Don't buy the "special" edition at all.
    3. Give it at least a week before you buy any version.

    I've gotten so many new outfits for reasonable prices by just avoiding the "special" versions. If you don't give a flip about the animation, don't pay 150m for something you could have gotten for 15 (or sometimes cheaper). The animation-less versions are much more numerous. I actually had the special water spirit outfit drop for me a few months back. I sold it and got enough gold to buy the entire set of the version with the pants that I liked much better (no animation), all the accessories and weapons, and still had a ton left over.
    Darkpixie99Radiant DawnWolfsinger
  • Why do Milletians Leave so Much Gold on da Ground?

    One reason why I solo. Drives me nuts when people leave huge luckies laying around but rush that dungeon so fast you feel like a jerk for waiting to pick it up.
    KensamaofmariSherriRadiant DawnWolfsingerpawcalypse
  • Sacred Light Box

    Iyasenu wrote: »
    So Aengus is another God of Love, like Lymilark, but who are Midir and Bodib?

    Maybe he's the god of those who love burgers?

    Though I actually came in to mention I grabbed one of those stained glass windows off the auction house and when I put it up, discovered you can walk right through it.

    Secret door!
  • Height boosting insoles for females?

    Owntrolf wrote: »
    As much as I like that, I dont think they can do that since it might need a massive overhaul or something like that :d

    The systems are already in there. It's just that they're currently controlled by age/weight. They'd have to get rid of those systems to implement a slider.

    Until then, just wear heeled shoes. (And for the love of all that is good and holy, anything but those painful-looking, **UGLY** succubus boots.)
  • [KR] Sacred Light Box

    Homestead gacha drop rates are usually reasonable as long as there's no big damage buffs on the items. Purely decorative items are usually much easier to get.