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  • Elf Update?

    Xehalin wrote: »
    I feel like the people that want elf buffs don't understand just how strong Elves really are.

    Honestly I agree with you. Even the "gear" argument only goes so far when you consider what a store-bought chainblade can accomplish in terms of damage. There are ways to boost archery without reforges, and it's really about stacking damage mulitpliers. (Reforges are only a piece of this puzzle.)

    The only reason I want dual wielding is for "character" purposes, not because I think it'll magically make me stronger. (It won't.) For what it's worth I still sometimes pull out my Chef's Passion in areas where it's obviously outgunned just for the lulz, but ah well, there's a reason I stick to soloing.

  • Elf Update?

    The only thing I'd ever want for an elf update would be to dual wield knives. Where most other fantasy worlds have the elf archer pulling a pair of knives out when the action gets too close, that's not an option in mabinogi. Or at least not an option that allows for special upgrades, reforges, etc. (The one I'm thinking of doesn't have these options, I suspect, because otherwise it'd be a broken super-fast 2-handed weapon for giants and humans....)

    It's like, okay, yeah, I get it, humans are supposed to be the dual wielders, but this always bugged me.

    I feel a good compromise would be this: Allow an elf-only dual blade set, similar to chef's passion, but allow for reforges. Have it considered a "2-handed sword" by the game for the sake of special upgrades and skills. Easy peasy, and no giants or humans breaking final hit more than necessary.
  • (KR) Fantastic Melody

    Maybe they're re-recording the soundtrack for the game itself? Honestly it would make a nice upgrade that doesn't require any massive changes to the system.

    (Also guys, that "new town" is just the theme to Dunbarton remixed for an orchestra. Dunby's theme is actually called "New Town" if you find the score scrolls for it.)
  • Doki Doki is just another AFK fish event. Great!

    I just love the atmosphere of the island. Honestly I wish it were permanent. So if it can't be, I'll just enjoy it when I can.
  • Bots: Out of Control

    Harukari wrote: »
    Another bot thread huh?
    If nexon doesn't care to do anything about gachas knowing the lootbox law is getting passed here and there.
    What makes you think they care about doing something about bots?

    Bots don't bother me, they never have. They have cheaper prices which I'll gladly take over some other greedy player's prices.

    First off, I don't think lootboxes or gachas are ever going away to the point that Nexon will vastly change their pricing structure. If they ever do, the vast majority of "free" games that use this will simply close or worm their way around those laws.

    Second off, assuming by some crazy situation lootboxes somehow become illegal or otherwise unworkable worldwide, reforges are the "next best" thing. And if they're only getting purchased by money launderers who are defrauding Nexon, the credit card companies, doing chargebacks, etc....where do you think Nexon is going to get the money to run the servers?

    Like it or not, for all its "play for free" bait, Mabinogi was for all intents and purposes a "subscription" game at the start, where most of the content was hidden behind various paywalls. If it wasn't the generation quests, it was rebirths. If it wasn't rebirths it was spirit weapons. You get the idea. They have slowly removed the paywalls over the years as the gachas made them enough money to keep everything else free. (This was the point that I stopped taking issue with gachas. The paywalls were gone, so that balanced out any annoyance I had with the gambling.) Now I'm sure somebody's gonna gripe about how we don't have the "new" VIP yet and that's a fair criticism. But the fact is the gachas are keeping the doors open, like it or not.

    TLDR: If we ever get to the point where mabi is, for some reason, not allowed to have gachas, the game will likely close. That's that.