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MEMENTO HYPE!! Can we please get this Q~Q


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March 12, 1996
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I like anime, arguing with Daraeus, and eating food.
  • Halloween GM Event

    Please be aware the post has been updated http://mabinogi.nexon.net/News/Announcements/1/00JBt
  • Happy Valentine's Day!

    Shadoe wrote: »
    CHEESE! <3
    Not really into the perv face o:)

    B-but ;-; would you still be my valentine?
  • Generation quest question?

    Also you can always use the request help option in your quest window. It should be a tiny help button on the upper right hand corner. A window should pop up and you can click Request. You can then link what quest you are on and how many helpers you need. This features notifies any player that signed up to be a helper, so they can help you.

  • A curious Question thats been stuck in my head.

    You can submit a ticket for an email change, and we never ask for passwords when asking you to prove your account. Things we would ask are along the lines:

    Email of the account:
    Birthday on Account:
    First and Last Name:
    Characters on your account:

    Of course don't answer these questions here on the forums, but that's usually what we ask when it comes to an email change. So if you want to recover your account due to an inactive email, then you can go submit a ticket. If you aren't sure how to submit a ticket feel free to Private Message me on the forums :3
  • My Account has Been... Reset?

    So there could be multiple things to it. First you may be logging into the wrong account. If you submit a ticket just try your best to remember your old character name and server so they can locate the correct account for you and try to do an email change for it.

    Another thing is you might not have View All(or just all of the boxes) ticked on your character selection screen. This option is in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This option allows you to filter out certain races, pets, etc. so be sure to go through each tick if needed to see if there are other characters hidden somewhere.

    Please be aware we never alter accounts that are inactive, like we will never delete your character on mabi, etc.