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  • Guild Wars Exploit

    I don't know about this claim of Visions not having a good vetting process anyway. We're like the only guild nowadays that still do applications by online process. And then it has to be reviewed to be approved. Check out our applications

    We're saying that despite our above-standard vetting process, unfortunately there are people capable of going past this. If Visions is having this issue given the current vetting process we have, I bet you any guild will have this problem.

    The rival guild spy will find a way. When there's a will there's a way. Even if it might be difficult.

    We also acknowledged that we're pretty sure Visions removed who ever was about to do the sabotage. But because we're still not 100% certain, it helps everyone's peace of mind if this can just be patched.

    There's really no point in arguing here. We want our peace of mind. No one is going to miss GW because of this slight change in game feature when it is processed.
  • Mabinogi "Meme"nto Contest [ SUBMISSION]

    Hello, this is my entry. Just a disclaimer that I don't mean any offense to Mabinogi's developers lol. This is just for fun!


    How this meme was done:
    Got outfits for two characters (Enn's outfit was expensive!). There is a part near Alby Dungeon Moongate at Tir that allows no-clip. This allowed me to pose the characters on the area north of Tir. I took screenshots while the post-shader option is enabled in Mabinogi. I waited for rain. I cropped the screenshots, added text then combined them.

    IGN: Cyril0321
    Server: Tarlach
  • ☆Commissions☆ [Tarlach/PP/NX]

    Hi Miyo!

    Your work looks good! My friend Adanael told me how awesome you are. I'd like your help too! If possible would you be able to draw three characters in full illustration? I don't mind if these may take you a few weeks. I will pay you in Mabinogi gold - for 10 mil. I will share with you the details of what I'd like you to do!

    The first character I'd like you to do is my Mabinogi character, Cyril0321. It is in your discretion to decide on the pose. But I'd like the illustration to give the expression that my character is "the fearless leader" lol. Please use this video as reference for my character:

    The second character I'd like you to do is Lucky13's Mabinogi character. It is also your discretion to decide on the pose. Make it comedic. The illustration has to give the expression that people need to "hide their food" from Lucky. Use this video as reference for Lucky's character.

    Lastly, this is an unrelated request from a friend who is a Steven Universe fan. I'd like you to draw Pearl, using the same outfit and pose, in your style. Don't include Garnet and Amethyst who are cut off in the original frame:


    Let me know if you need more information or inspiration! lol. I'm looking forward to see how they turn out! :)
  • So i've been thinking on this idea.

    lol I didn't look at this until now. This sounds like a good idea. Actually Visions tried a similar idea a long time ago. But we had a conflict with a significantly influential guild at the time so things did not work out as planned. There were also lots of trolls and most people actually did not like the idea in general. Not sure if things are different now. Some of the guilds who were also interested in this 5 years ago~ were Lostones, Ryusei, Agitators, Simple. There were other guild but I forgot! I don't think any of them are around nowadays.

    Perhaps you may reuse old stuff we worked on. I will also be willing to help out.

    The name of this group of guilds doing activities together was "League of Tarlach". We had a music and a logo.

    Here was LoT music. It's a march and suppose to sound "heroic" League of Tarlach_Rev2.mp3:

    Here was our logo: (can't seem to resize it sorry!)
  • Welcome to Tarlach - A Song!

    Erlach wrote: »
    Wow you guys did a good job on that. Well made and thoughtful :) .

    Thank you! I'm glad the little penguin enjoyed it. Remember not to accidentally trip people when you're walking around! But you've grown a lot since then so I think you should be doing well now.

    Erlach I might have you cameo in the video if you can. I'll be in touch!