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  • Welcome to Tarlach - A Song!

    Hello Tarlach!

    The community in our server is super amazing so a few friends and I worked on a musical number titled, "Welcome to Tarlach".

    The song is about two veteran players who are introducing Tarlach and Mabinogi to a new player. We tried to include a lot of details about our Tarlach community but ofcourse we couldn't fit too much information in 4 minutes~.

    We are still working on the video for this project. Please note that some things in the song may not make sense without the visuals and the intro/outro scenes we had in mind. Just enjoy the song we have so far. Let us know if you have any feedback. We have many more ideas to try!

    Keep being the best Mabinogi server! :)
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  • Sabina's Goodbye!

    Sorry to hear you're leaving Sabina. When is your last day working as a community manager? Is it tonight? I thought I'd ask just in case there are some people who were thinking of talking or surprising you with something before you go. At least that information would give them time lol.

    It was good to have you as our community manager. You'll definitely be missed. Don't be a stranger to our community here, feel free to visit anytime. I wish you all the best on your future endeavors Sabina! Take good care.
  • Weekly UGC Highlights February 18 and 19

    Hello. Not sure if this is allowed but unfortunately all my UGGs have been purposed to advertise Mabinogi communities. I didn't see anything on the main thread about advertising so I'm suppose it's okay? This doesn't have any links to any websites though so I'm hoping it's okay regardless lol.

    IGN: Cyril0321
    Server: Tarlach
  • Valentine's Gif Contest

    Korore wrote: »

    I love all these entries, everyone is so creative!!

    Ofcourse! This is serious stuff. Don't mess with Valentines.


    IGN: Cyril0321
    Server: Tarlach
  • whitewizard 2nd annual Nexon Giveaway

    lol I'm not free on that Saturday unfortunately so I can't make it. But you seem to have something interesting going on WhiteWizard! Hope it goes well and good luck to everyone!