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  • [Monthly Event] Nao Idol


    [Nao Idol]

    Every month, we'd like to recognize someone in our Mabinogi community who has been admired for their contributions. The recognized character will receive 25k NX

    The selection of the Nao idol will depend on the number and quality of feedbacks that have been received about that person. Any Mabinogi player in Nao can win. Any Mabinogi player can send feedback about any Mabinogi player in Nao.

    All feedback must be sent via google forms at https://forms.gle/6v79uTGmnuwDEdjw7
  • Visions

    Everyone is making fun of how I say it :(
  • Rabbie Phantasm

    Hi Paradox, if you have a pass I don't mind helping you out. For the next few days unfortunately I'll only be able to do it after 2 AM EST though. You may add me, my IGN is: Cyril0321.

    The skills and equipment that are important in in phantasm are:

    Sandburst - For blinding enemies. This will our main skill for controlling aggro together with pets. All other control skills like lullaby, raincast, and frozen blast do not work on Phantasm.

    Divine Link - To tank enemies. This will be our lifeline. Without any tank we will die quick.

    Mountable pets - These allow you to avoid the debuff from wraiths who disables pet summon. Being able to summon pets in a fight allows us to divine link, debuff and control aggro.

    Fire Elemental Equips - Enemies use fire magic a lot. Enchanting all your equips with fire elemental protects you from most magic damage

    Mana Shield - Enemies hit hard and we need all the layer of protection we can get.

    Final Hit, Bash, Way of the Gun - Our "lock" DPS, we need to eliminate most enemies before our tanks die

    Chain Cast Firebolt / Magnum - Our "knockback" DPS. sometimes we need to DPS from a distance to be safe.

    Brionac with Demi/Shock - At boss, we will need to peel their armor. Bring Brio and be prepared to use demi or shock with it.

    Dragon bone chips, cater, and good music buff - Enhances our damage so we're more effective at killing!

    Lance Charge/Hydra (at least one person in party) - On the last 5 rooms of the first floor there are double spawns. Usually the last monster of the 1st wave will need to be killed by a mounted lance charge or hydra so the team can prepare for the 2nd wave. These rooms are arguably the hardest part of Phantasm so preparing for double spawn rooms is a MUST.

    Party Feathers - If some of us end up dying, we almost always need to revive multiple people at the same time or from a distance. Party feathers allow us to do this.

    Focus "squishies" first - Always prioritize DPS on wraiths and Black Succubi since they have the lowest HP. The less enemies on the room, the better our chances of surviving.

    For convenience:

    Shield of Trust with recovering touch - Sometimes we will get wounded, recovering wounds instantly would be amazing

    Cloud pets / Life Drain - Provides the party with healing so we don't have to use a lot of potions. It's best to avoid getting potion poison so we do the maximum amount of damage

    Inspire - Also saves on potions recovering your MP. Less potions means less risk of pot poison and we can do more damage!

    Full Recovery/SE/RE potions - These are recoveries that don't risk being pot poisoned so much. Basically anything to maintain our damage is good!

    Lightning Rod/Kunai Storm/Judgement Blade - The first room of the 2nd floor will need you to kill groups of wisps to farm flashbangs. These skills are effective at killing them quick.

    Phoenix pet - The revive from the phoenix pet is the only self-revive that works in Phantasm. It's like a nao or a balloon revive. A 2nd life is always nice! xD

    Yui or Halloween acc - There is one orb room on Phantasm that you can skip if you have Yui tell you where the correct orb is. Also Yui can mitigate some ranged damage done to you. Unfortunately if you're not careful, you also reduce the ranged damage of your allies by being near the enemy they are targeting while Yui is equipped .

    Movement Speed Potion - If the final battle (2nd floor 3rd room) is prolonged, having increased movement speed is ideal to run from the queen and her minions until you find an opening.

    Please prepare yourself! :)